Dealing With Twin Flame Rejection

There is a whole lot of things that can cause twin flame rejection. It can be hard to figure out the cause and incredibly painful for both the runner and the chaser when it happens.

So. We’re going to look at why twin flame rejection is even a thing and what you can do about it.

Understanding The Twin Flame Separation Stage

When you’re dealing with twin flame rejection you’re very likely in this stage of your journey. Usually caused by soul shock which means one of the twin flames (commonly called the twin flame runner) isn’t spiritually awoken enough yet to handle this level of connection.

It isn’t a reflection on you, them or your journey together. They’re just not ready yet.

We’ve covered this in more detail in our ultimate guide to twin flame stages (which I suggest you read if you haven’t already) but it’s important to understand that if they are your true twin flame they’re not rejection you. They just don’t know how to handle a twin flame connection yet.

This stage happens when one (or both) souls are not yet ready for a union. Sometimes there is something you can do to help things along (starting with a twin flame reading specific to your situation) and sometimes? You just have to wait.

I know that’s easier said than done. It’s a painful stage – for both twins.

But it is an important one.

Understanding the Why

The general fact is that twin flames have the most intense and powerful connection, and it isn’t just intense in a way how normal relationships play out. When you have a specific relationship with your twin flame, it’s feeling a high of emotions constantly. Some people can’t handle these intense emotions which can be a possible reason as to why one could reject their twin flame.

One of the things you should consider when your twin flame rejects you is that you shouldn’t take it personally. In a twin flame rejection, it’s normally due to their incapability to handle immense emotions and it can become really overwhelming for them. It can be really hard to handle overwhelming emotions, whether it be anxiety, euphoria, or depression. Since your souls are connected, they’re not just feeling their own emotions like everyone else. Your souls are one and that means that they feel everything that you’re feeling and vice versa. If they’re rejecting you, it’s not because they don’t want you and they want nothing to do with you. It has more to do with their need to think clearly and to breathe clearly without the overwhelming emotions that are the combination of both your emotions.

In any given relationship, rejection is always going to be both confusing and painful. However, the amount of pain is increased when its your twin flame that rejects you. However, even as they rejected you, you’re still constantly on their mind. When they wake up first thing in the morning and as they go to sleep at night, you’re still on their mind. However, specifically with a twin flame relationship, the main reason for rejection is just needing an escape to the intense emotions one is feeling. Normally with these intense emotions, they would feel bad about the overwhelming emotions they feel because of a bad childhood, or something terrible that has happened in the past. The twin flame of yours that rejects you usually just needs to escape both the intensity and themselves.

As you’re confused as to why they rejected you, it’s important to think of the circumstances that you’re in today, Does your circumstance involve a complicated relationship? Maybe they have responsibilities that extend beyond your relationship? Was your twin flame in a relationship when you met them? These things are all important things to consider because they all play a part in your twin flame rejection. If they have further responsibilities, then this can be a concrete explanation as to why they rejected you and you can hold on to the fact that maybe further in life, that’s the perfect time to get together with your twin flame.

twin flame failure

During the actual twin flame rejection, if you really do want to stay together, then you must find answers and face even those uncomfortable questions for both your and their part. You have to have the courage to conquer their mind and they have to conquer yours. After all, all the answers lie in their mind. If a rejection happened, there’s something in their mind that occurred and that’s what you must find out. The answer also depends on how powerful your connection is with your twin flame. The more powerful you feel your twin flame connection is, the more likely you get your answers.

Handling Twin Flame Rejection

There’s no easy answer here. Coping with your twin flame rejecting you is never easy. Trust me, I’ve been there. I can explain the logic of the journey to you until I’m blue in the face but it’s still going to hurt. This isn’t a logical pain because it isn’t a logical emotion.

One of the best things you can do for yourself (and your twin flame runner) is to learn and understand as much as you can about the journey you’re both on. This free twin flame audio-book can help you get a full understanding of the journey and the stages or we can do a twin flame reading which can look at your specific situation.

If your twin flame is still single, you have to remain positive on this rejection and focus on the fact that there’s always hope as long as they’re single. What you have to take into consideration about a twin flame rejection is that it isn’t always a permanent thing. Your twin flame might have rejected you out of an impulsive decision, because of a high in emotions. However, in the same sense, if your twin flame is married or in another relationship, then this is the time to maybe take the rejection into consideration and consider moving forward. Friendship is always a possible option with your twin flame since twin flame connections aren’t always destined as romantic relationships. Despite the intense connection between them, twin flames can also develop the strongest friendships between them.

No matter what you do, twin flame connections will always find their way back to you. It’s important to take note of this in handling a twin flame rejection. Your soul will always be connected to theirs and it’s quite impossible for it to be a permanent rejection. The tendency is that your twin flame does want you but it all really comes down to circumstances. You and your twin flame can’t have your desired relationship if there are certain questions that refused to be answered. The one main purpose of a twin flame is to fulfill a mission usually in the divine or spiritual context, after all. You have to make it to a point where you really dive into their mind and answer even those questions that you feel uncomfortable having answers to. Until this is resolved, there may also be a rejection that will take place. No one likes being burdened by overwhelming emotions and if this is the case, you must find out why they felt what they felt and what took place. If these feelings of theirs came with past baggage or a trauma of some sort, let them come to you with what they felt. Even as you share one soul and you probably also feel as they are feeling, if they reject you it must have been them that feel overwhelmed the most.

Can Twin Flames Fail?

This is a tricky question – and a hard one to answer. We actually have a complete write up for that very question here but basically?

Yes and no.

I know. It’s not the most satisfying answer but few things are simple when it comes to a twin flame journey.

While it’s not technically possible for a twin flame journey to completely fail that doesn’t mean you’re going to achieve union in this lifetime. Twin flames are destined to be together in the long run but just because you’ve met now doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in this lifetime. It’s why we should do everything we can to make it happen and not just hope and pray for the universe to do everything for us.

Twin flame rejection doesn’t mean your path has failed. It’s painful and confusing but it doesn’t mean your journey has failed.

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