Is Twin Flame Failure Possible?

This is one of my least popular topics but it’s one I think we really need to cover. I’ve seen opinions differ on twin flame failure and some bizarre claims that it’s not possible for the twin flame journey to fail.

But that doesn’t always mean what you might think.

Look at this way, how many people do you know who are lonely or in unhappy marriages? Some social media pages tell us you’re guaranteed to reach union with your twin flame this lifetime… but the vast, vast majority do not.

The truth is twin flame failure is possible this lifetime. We’re guaranteed to meet and reach union in another lifetime but that doesn’t mean we should just sit back and wait for it to happen because the chance could pass us by.

The fact you’re even aware of the twin flame journey means you’ve broken the odds but this doesn’t mean that failure isn’t possible this lifetime.

Not trying to bring you down but I do think it’s important we accept this.

Separation Is Not Failure

Despite all the great things you hear about the twin flame journey it’s not all plain sailing. The separation phase is a common (and important) stage of your journey.

We’ve covered various parts of this stage like your twin flame not talking to you. It’s important you understand this does not mean your journey has failed. It’s a common part of the journey and far from an actual sign of failure.

I know how emotionally and spiritually painful this stage can be but it does not mean you have failed. Every journey is different in when the separation phase(s) happen but for some, it might mean you’ve only just begun or you could be right around the corner from union.

twin flame failure
One of the main things I always suggest is taking the time to understand more of the journey. The more you understand about the process of a twin flame journey the more you’ll understand where you are and what you need to do next. Twin flame failure can feel possible at any stage – even when you’re close to the reunion stage. Sometimes the worse it feels the closer you actually are.

Doubt is a common part of this. I speak to (literally) thousands of people about their twin flame journey and how often do you think I hear the phrase “I’m not sure…“?

Recently a reader shared their story with us when they were going through a horrible part of their journey. They thought they had failed and was about to move halfway across the world to try and get a clean break. Within 24 hours of sending that email, the twin flame runner had done a complete 180 and turned up at their door.

Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

Just because you haven’t reached that reunion phase yet doesn’t mean that it’s a failed twin flame journey. The truth is you’ve probably been in exactly this position in the past dealing with the same issues together in another life.


This said it doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait for the universe to sort things out for you. There’s still work to be done. Just because a twin flame union can’t fail in the long run that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in this lifetime. We should all be actively working to further our spiritual path and overcoming what keeps you in separation.

Can Twin Flames Fall Out of Love?

This is another case of… it really depends on what you mean.

On some level, twin flames are always connected beyond anything else you can have with another person. This doesn’t always reflect on the 2D however. It’s entirely possible for mirror souls to go through what seems like union in the beginning only to experience a painful separation phase later down the line.

Technically their feelings haven’t changed on the 5D but whether both twins are prepared for this level of connection yet is another story and it can certainly seem like they’ve fallen out of love.

So How Do You Avoid Failure?

Our job now is going to be to make sure you’re in a real twin flame journey (so you’re not wasting time and going through unnecessary pain) and help you to understand the journey as much as possible. The twin flame separation phase is absolutely the best and the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through and I’ve no doubt you’re currently feeling the same way.

The key is understanding. The more you understand about your journey the more control you’re going to have over it. Take the time to research twin flames and make sure you understand what the journey entails, make sure you’re focusing on your spiritual journey and not just what your twin is doing and consider getting a twin flame reading to help guide you.

Twin flame failure can feel like a real possibility but if this is a real twin flame connection then we need to do everything possible to bring this stage to an end. It’s going to happen eventually but the sooner we do something about it – the better.

Remember the What the Separation Stage Is For

While not technically a required stage the separation is a common part of a twin flame journey. Feeling apart doesn’t instantly mean the journey has failed or they were a false flame. It could just be part of reaching the union stage. We’ve already covered the twin flame separation stage and what you can do about it but I always like sharing this little snippet:

What if Twin Flame Separation is nothing but a preparation for Twin Flame Union?

Because you are not getting the confirmation from your twin in the physical reality that they are still in this together with you, it’s easy to feel that the connection is lost. Because their 3D behavior is bringing up all your unhealed shit, it’s easy to think they don’t love you anymore like they once did. But the truth is that Twin Flame Separation is the ultimate illusion.

It’s designed in this way because if you knew union was a sure thing, you would sit back and not do the work. But what if while you are experiencing the illusion of separation and everything it triggers inside of you, secretly you and your divine counterpart are being prepared for Twin Flame Union? What if it is all designed this way, to bring up the gunk and sludge from the deepest layers of your psyche and that this was the only way you would be able to go this deep, by fully believing the illusion?

It’s always darkest just before the dawn… What if Twin Flame Separation is nothing but the darkness before the dawn of Twin Flame Union?

I absolutely love (and completely agree) with this way of looking at it. Too often I see people worrying about this stage of their journey. I completely think we need to do whatever we can to move on to the next stage as soon as possible but I also think we need to accept that it’s part of the journey and we need to embrace that.

It’s completely worth it.

If you’re looking for more specific guidance on your journey then take a few minutes to tell me about your path so far:

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  1. Meeting my twin was relatively easy. The very same day i let go of my ex and had an intetion in my heart to meet “the right people and surounding for myself” it just happened. I didnt recognized him first as my twin, the so cold problems started as started to be a couple, each of us had “issues” in relationship, so its started to be tought at some point, but we always wanted to know each other since the first time i came to meet him. The universe is helping a lot and want both of you to be happy, twin flames are beautiful souls, and ofcourse each of us deserves to love to be loved and to share our light with the world. Twin flames journey for my opinion requires courage, thinking out of the box and being truthful to yourself, but its deffenetly not impossible mission and not a path of pain and suffering. Good luck to all souls. Love and light.


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