Spending Too Much Time Thinking About Your Twin Flame?

Especially during the runner/chaser stage most journeys involve it can be incredibly tough to constantly have your twin flame on your mind constantly. Regardless of whether you’re the runner or the chaser.

While thinking about your twin flame isn’t necessarily a bad thing it is important to not get too wrapped up in your imagination. Partly because sometimes people use the 5D connection as a refuge rather than the 3D world. Also because you have other aspects of your life to get on with.

It might not be completely possible to never think about your twin flame but focusing on improving yourself both spiritually and physically can certainly make the whole journey easier.

Is your Twin Flame Thinking About You?

Finding your Twin Flame is worse than finding a needle in a haystack. So many questions and so few answers. How do you know if you’re doing the right thing? This free audiobook download has pretty much everything we know on Twin Flames and should keep you on the right path.

So if you want to know if your twin soul is thinking about you, these are the signs to look out for:

Experiencing unexpected emotions. This is especially true after sharing a dramatic emotional experience with your twin soul, such as a break-up or a declaration of love.

A sudden, all-consuming feeling of joy some time after a declaration of love with your twin soul may indicate that they are thinking of you.

Energetic aura. When your twin soul is thinking of you, you may experience a sudden and sustained upshift in intensity of the electromagnetic aura that surrounds you.

This feels like a buzzing that envelopes your skin and may cause goosebumps or a whole body tingling sensation.

Comforting presence. Often, during difficult times in your life, your twin soul will feel your emotions. After all, your destinies are interwoven.[1]

Perspective is everything. How do you stop the ocean? You don’t, but you can ride the waves on a surfboard and sail across it on a boat. My point is that if there is something you (most likely) cannot stop, then try to be productive about it.

Every morning and throughout the day and before I sleep and often, when I dream, my twin is there, whether in separation or not. I have come to accept it and instead of trying to suppress it, I try to understand what the universe is trying to say to me. Make no mistake, of all the synchronicities the universe will show you, your twin flame is the biggest and most blessed one.

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And think about this observation of self awareness; we don’t think about the fact that we, ourselves, are always on our minds too, because we are ourselves. Your twin is you in another form, so it makes sense that they are always on your mind.

I have found that connecting to my twin’s higher self is a blessing and a soulful guiding light for me. I look back on my life, before I ever met her and know that she was always there, (perhaps even in a past life that overlapped mine when I was younger.) Her higher self is always there with me. In the times when I am aware that I am thinking of my twin, I contemplate the dynamics of love and talk with her higher self.

Think outside the box of this reality to mitigate your dilemma. Deploy resources which may seem “crazy”. Is talking to someone who “isn’t there” in the strictest 3D sense, crazy? Maybe, but having someone on your mind all the time, for no apparent reason is just as crazy in this world.

Here’s what you don’t do. Don’t self medicate with drugs or alcohol. Don’t go to a sham shaman who will try to sell you some “weird trick” that will sever the divine cords between you and your twin. Don’t delve into addiction and vice to try to forget. All that does is add to the hurt and healing you should be doing in your separation.

Focus on healing and raising your vibrations. Help people, meditate, walk barefoot on grass.

As you do, you will find peace in the constancy of the connection. The connection between the ocean and the shore is again illustrative. Whether high tide or low tide, whether stormy or calm, the ocean always kisses the shore with its power and no matter how many times the waves crash, the shore remains as its complement.

This is from this answer on Quora

[1] https://www.spiritualunite.com/articles/how-you-know-twin-soul-is-thinking-of-you/

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