Kissing your Twin Flame: Spotting the Signs

Kissing your Twin Flame

I’ve spoken a lot about twin flame energies, attractions and I’ve covered the twin flame first touch experience but kissing your twin flame (especially for the first time) is… something else. Twin flames coming into contact is more than just sexual chemistry or physical attraction. This is two souls coming together and a kiss is … Read more

The Twin Flame First Touch: The Real Thing

The Twin Flame First Touch

There are many twin flame signs people talk about but out of the thousands of people I’ve spoken to about their stories the twin flame first touch is one of the most consistent but possibly one of the ones least talked about. If you’ve experienced an electric touch, unlike nothing you’ve felt before – it may … Read more

Understanding and Surviving the Twin Flame Intense Attraction

Twin Flame Intense Attraction

There’s a lot of talk about the twin flame intense attraction at various stages of your journey. That overwhelming feeling that tells you this connection is something else and unlike any other 2D relationship you’ve ever experienced so far. Does this intense attraction indicate a true twin flame journey? Perhaps. It’s absolutely certain that when you … Read more

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