Why Is One Person The Awakened Twin Flame?

Awakened Twin Flame

Why is one person the awakened twin flame? Which twin knows first and why? It can be tough when you’re the awakened twin flame and the other doesn’t seem to have a clue about the journey you’re on. We talk a lot about what you should do at various stages and dive deeper into some … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Twin Flame Stages

Twin Flame Stages

You might have heard of soul mates and probably be looking for yours if you are not in a relationship. You are not the first one to wonder whether your soul mate exists or not. The best part is, yes, your soul mate does exist. However, there is a relationship that is even deeper, and … Read more

The Twin Flames Illumination Stage Ultimate Guide

Twin Flames Illumination Stage

The illumination stage of a twin flames union can be tough to navigate and can absolutely be overwhelming if you weren’t expecting it. Illumination stage or any stage for that matter is not linier. It can change/alter/ expand depending upon each couple and the situation around them and their ascension. Illumination is the bridge between … Read more

What Happens When Twin Flames Are Already Married?

What Happens When Twin Flames Are Already Married?

Alright, strap in folks because this is a big one. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is what happens when twin flames are already married to someone else. If your twin flame married someone else are they not really your twin? Does it mean you’re not going to reach union? What can … Read more

What Are Twin Flame Runners Really Thinking?

What Are Twin Flame Runners Really Thinking?

Trying to understand what the twin flame runner is thinking is tough at the best of times. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. It can make you want to rip out your hair and scream at the universe. Or (sometimes) even your runner twin. When you feel the connection this strongly it can be hard … Read more

What Is A Twin Flame Really?

What Is A Twin Flame

Ah, here we have the million-dollar question what is a twin flame? The truth is at some level we all already know what a twin flame is. We just don’t know it and usually end up calling it by another name. After years of Hollywood rom-coms and stories, we’ve started using the term ‘soulmate’ to describe the … Read more

What Happens When The Twin Flame Chaser Moves On?

What Happens When The Twin Flame Chaser Moves On?

Out of all the questions I’ve got over the years – this one is probably more common than you might think. What happens when the chaser moves on? Does the runner do anything for them to change their mind? Does the runner even notice? As with most things in a twin flame journey – it depends. One of … Read more

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