The Twin Flames Illumination Stage Ultimate Guide

The illumination stage of a twin flames union can be tough to navigate and can absolutely be overwhelming if you weren’t expecting it.

Illumination stage or any stage for that matter is not linier. It can change/alter/ expand depending upon each couple and the situation around them and their ascension.

Illumination is the bridge between the surrender and union.

When I entered illumination stage in 2016, I thought that was it! And the union was close. Our illumination stage lasted around 5 months, without us meeting physically.

We met face to face after that, but it was lot a final Union. And we again got into couple of separation cycles. But this time even we were in separation, we were on the same page mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

twin flames illumination stage
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My point is, not necessarily one will enter into final Union after illumination. There can be dome stages repeated even after illumination stage.

I was quite shocked at that time to see this, but I could slowly see the big picture and connect the dots. As to why we again entered into a separation even after illumination.

How long the illumination stage would last, a d at what sequence it would occuer can vary.

You can rread my answer about illumination stage: Pradnya Pandit’s answer to What are the signs of the illumination stage (twin flames)?

And in this answer I have described what are the stages according to my understanding:

Pradnya Pandit’s answer to What are all of the stages of the twin flame union, explained in your own words? (I like to view different perspectives/explanations.)

You can see this answer and more on this Quora question.

Stage 1: Recognition, awareness, and awakening.

Many people also refer to this stage as the first reunion stage. This is when you meet your twin flame in this lifetime. But, the twin flame union has been in place for all of your lifetimes. So this is not your first meeting, and it won’t feel like it at all either. This is your first date or first encounter with this person, and from the second you meet them you have an Ah-Hah moment!

How to tell if you are in this stage: These are the kinds of first dates that start off as meeting for coffee plans, and end up going into the next morning. You can’t get enough of each other, and it’s usually just conversation. You have many lifetimes to catch up on! You leave this first encounter believing in true love again, and finally accepting that you too are worthy of someone amazing in your life. This is the awakening you have. You are awakened to the kind of relationship that you never before believed existed. You instantly recognize this other person like your “other half.” They like all the same things you do, talk the same way you do, and just seem to “get” you in a way that no other relationship ever has. It’s very similar to the honeymoon phase of any relationship, but with a deeper feeling that there is a deeper more unconditional twin flame love igniting. Because there is!

No matter how spiritually ordained the twin flame connection is, the twin flame love is a love that happens in a physical world. So you are going to experience some physical challenges along the way. They may not be actual physical challenges, but they are challenges from a life perspective. This is the testing stage of the stages of the twin flame union. The honeymoon is over! And along comes life. You’ve settled into your perfect relationship, only to realize that life has some tests in store for you. And in this stage of the twin flame connection, your Ego emerges. You are no longer enamored by every little thing they do. In fact every little thing may annoy you. And Destiny may send some temptations your way. Or theirs. Will you stay true?


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