12 Signs of Twin Flames Missing Each Other

It’s not at all uncommon that twin flames miss each other and see this energy manifest around them. You are connected way beyond the physical, meaning the signs that they miss you are often spiritual.

You might be sent signs from the universe, and your twin flame themselves to help you both connect here on the physical. These signs are more than simple confirmation or celebration. They’re guides on how to be closer together. Don’t ignore their message!

Missing Your Twin Flame During Separation


That’s all you’re getting now after being separated from your twin flame. It can feel like it lasts forever. It can be painful. You wonder if they still think of you. You might even start to doubt your connection.

Just know that this is all part of the process. The separation is necessary for both of you to grow and become the people you need to be. No, it’s not easy. It’s never easy.

But you’re not alone in this. Twin flames are never alone, really. But, in their own way, your twin flame misses you too.

Signs Your Twin Flame is Missing You

These signs are in no particular order. You might see every sign from this list or a unique combination of them. You’ll probably even see different signs. Twin flames manifest a very unique experience so take these as guidelines and not rules.

You Feel a Sudden, Intense Longing for Them

This is often the first sign that your twin flame thinks of you. The intense longing can be so powerful that it feels like physical pain.

This is often distracting. Overwhelming. It can make you feel like you’re going crazy. You’ll be happy one second, and then the next, you’ll be in floods of tears.

Vivid Dreams of Them

twin flames miss eachother These dreams may be happy or sad, but they will always be very realistic and deeply impactful. You know those dreams that don’t leave you hours– even days after waking, and you still remember every detail?

Twin flames connect easily through dreams. Especially during separation, we tend to share dreams and communicate there. The dreams might be symbolic or blatantly obvious.

Your twin flame might arrive in your dream to tell you they’re missing you. Or it might be more subtle, and there’s something in your dream to represent them.

These dreams always carry an important message for twin flames. Don’t ignore them.

Numerology Signs

This may manifest as seeing their birthday, anniversary, or lucky number pop up constantly.

The universe loves to communicate with us through patterns, and numbers are an easy way to do that.

Specific number patterns can be trying to convey specific messages, but they’re all a sign of your twin missing and reaching out to you. When you see their number, it’s a reminder that they are always with you in some capacity.

For example, you might see:

  • Their birthdate
  • The date you met
  • The date of a significant event
  • Repeating numbers in strange places, trying to get your attention.

This is a very in-depth topic, and I’ve dug deeper into twin flame numbers already.

Your Intuition Is Suddenly Powerful

This is because your twin flame’s energy is always with you, even when they’re not physically present. Twin flames are naturally more attuned to their intuition than most are, but this is especially true when they miss you.

As a result, you may find yourself suddenly very intuitive about other people and situations in your life. This serves us as a great way to help further your journey and reach twin flame union.

Your twin flame is your other half. They complete you. So, when they’re not around, you may feel a sense of incompleteness. You might find yourself drawn to things that represent them or their energy.

Follow this intuition. Let it guide you.

You Feel an Intense Desire to Help Others

This is a common sign that your twin flame is trying to reach out to you through service work. Twin flames are almost always called to help others and not just themselves. This is why they’re often mistaken for light-workers.

By helping others, you are also helping yourself and opening up to receive your twin flame’s love and light. The process of focusing on others takes the focus off of your twin flame and allows you to open up to them in a new way.

Similar to the last sign, follow this impulse. Let it guide you.

You Just Know They Are Thinking of You

Even if they’re on the other side of the world.

There are many twin flame signs, but one of the most common is feeling like your twin is thinking about you. Distance, time and physical reality do not apply to this connection.

You might feel a sudden jolt of energy, or you might have a… sense that they are thinking about you. This is because twin flames are always connected on a soul level, and this is just a base level of twin flame telepathy.

This connection is so strong that it can even override physical distance so if you find yourself suddenly thinking about your twin flame out of the blue. If you find yourself suddenly thinking about your twin, or if you have a strong sense that they are thinking about you… they likely are.

You Are Drawn to Their Interests

Separated twin flames Another expression of this connection is your interests and excitement flying along this connection. Have you ever been inexplicably drawn to someone or something, only to find out later that it has a special meaning for you?

If so, you may be experiencing a sign from your twin flame.

Just as twin flames are drawn to each other, they are often drawn to the same places and things. This can be something as simple as a passion for a particular type of music or food or something more significant, like a shared love of nature or animals.

If you find yourself drawn to your twin flame’s favorite places and things, it may be a sign that they are thinking of you and missing you. They will experience this too, but often they don’t understand where this energy is coming from.

You Get a Strong Feeling When You Hear Their Name

If you suddenly feel a wave of emotion or an intense connection when you hear your twin flame’s name, it could signify that they are thinking of you and missing you.

Of course, many other possible explanations exist for this sensation, so it is essential to consider all the possibilities before drawing any conclusions. But if you’re wondering whether your twin flame misses you, this is one sign to look for.

You Deeply Understand What They’re Going Through

Even if they never told you.

You just know.

Even though you may not be together in person, you have a strong connection that keeps you close to each other.

You can sense their emotions and feel what they’re thinking, and this flood of information can sometimes be overwhelming. However, it’s also a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you constantly.

If they are happy, you feel joyous; if they are in pain, you also feel their pain. This empathic connection is one of the most vital signs that your twin flame misses you deeply.

They Show up Unexpectedly

If not physically, then through social media.

If you keep seeing their name or face in your feed, it’s a good indication that they’re thinking about you. This energy can manifest in all sorts of ways.

This could be because they’ve been stalking your profile or started following you on all the platforms you use. Either way, it’s a clear sign that they miss you and are trying to keep tabs on what you’re up to.

The Universe Can Send You Many Different Signs

This could also mean sudden synchronicities, like hearing their favorite song on the radio or seeing their number appear on the clock.

While some twin flames choose to stay in contact with each other, others might prefer to remain apart. But regardless of their decision, the connection between twin flames is always strong. It will constantly manifest in weird and wonderful ways.

If you start experiencing these things, your twin flame is thinking about you and trying to connect with you.

Do Twin Flames Miss Each Other at the Same Time?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Twin flames are so intimately connected that it’s hard to say for sure whether we miss each other at the same time or not.

When we are in separation, it can feel like an eternity since we last saw our twin. Each day can feel like a lifetime. And yet, sometimes, it feels like they are just around the corner.

It’s possible that we do, but it’s also possible that our feelings are simply in sync. Either way, twin flames have a deep and powerful connection that goes beyond space and time.

And though separation can be painful, it ultimately only makes our connection stronger.

The bond between twin flames is unlike anything else in the world. 

And if you have experienced any signs of your Twin Flame missing you, consider yourself fortunate! Enjoy the moments when you feel their presence strongly, and know that they’re always with you in spirit.

And know that they’re always with you in spirit.

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