Twin Flames Reunion Symptoms and Their Meaning

Lately, we’ve been talking too much about the struggles of separation during the twin flame journey. I thought we’d change gears and look at some good news and that starts with the twin flames reunion symptoms.

The spiritual energy of such a union of souls is largely based on a vibration alignment between the twins. This divine connection often includes very triggering symptoms for each twin, as they embark on the journey of a relationship that is very demanding, healing, challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

We’ve gone into real detail already about what happens during the separation stage (I’d read that if you haven’t already) and we’ve touched on some separation symptoms but we’re going to focus more on the signs you’ll see as you start to come closer to reunion.

Please remember: No two twin flame journeys are ever going to be exactly alike. You might not see all (or any) of these symptoms. They offer guidance and nothing more. They’re not the be all and end all and they certainly don’t mean you’re not with a twin flame just because you haven’t seen them.

They provide guidance. They’re not a requirement.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure on your journey? Tell me what you’re seeing and get a twin flame reading.

Common Reunion Symptoms

Parts of the twin flames lives mirror each other, sometimes up to a shocking degree. Part of the triggering effect of the twin flame relationship is the fact that shadow or inner child issues are often present in each twin, and will often intensify as a result of getting in contact.

The more connected they are without having done personal work of growth, the more triggering the connection will be. Issues will come up time and time again, demanding to be resolved. Working on those issues will bring relief to both twins, but it won’t absolve one of doing that work just because the other has done their part.

The love that connects the two is soul-deep, but it often brings out the worst in each twin and thereby forces them to deal with those issues. That’s part of the nature of the twin flame connection, in fact: it augments aspects shared, positive and negative, while each twin flame is slowly adjusting to the new reality.

Shared Dreams

twin flame dream reunion

When the twin flames are in separation, it’s not uncommon for them to see each other in dreams. Dream sharing happens at all parts of the journey (we’ve touched on it before as a sign of twin flame telepathy) but you’ll certainly see the intensity increase as reunion draws closer.

In dreams, twin flames are able to be at their most free. It’s already a connection with no restrictions and at this stage, both twins share their hopes and excitement for the future. That leads us on to the next common symptom.

Pure Excitement

twin flame excitement

Similar to dream sharing – this happens at any stage of the journey but is far more noticeable as you get closer to reunion.

The psychic link between both twins is constantly sharing emotions and energy. During periods of excitement, even when physically separated, mirror souls want to share this emotion with each-other.

This is why we sometimes feel waves of unexplained emotion throughout the journey and when both twins become conscious (on some level) of an impending reunion. They’re excited to share this with each-other which causes spikes of energy between the two more and more frequently.

Thinking of Each-other

I almost skipped this one out completely because of course you’re thinking about each-other already it seemed like a bit of a no-brainer. One of the noticeable signs of a real twin flame connection is never being far from each-others thoughts.

One of the main signs your twin flame is thinking about you is when they pop into your head out of nowhere.

Similar to the spikes of energy – this is going to happen more and more as you get closer to reunion.

Signs and Symbols

twin flames 1111

Number patterns get a little more interesting.

Most twin flame reunion symptoms happen throughout earlier stages of the journey too. You’ll certainly see twin flame number sequences long before reunion and while the frequency in signs can certainly increase but number patterns carry meaning as opposed to just being general symbols of energy.

As you get closer to reunion you may see these number patterns change. While some sequences (like 222) are calls to stay the course and look for the long-term, you have patterns like 333 which specifically suggest an impending reunion.

What Does Twin Flame Reunion Mean?

Because of this mirroring and triggering effect, once the twin flame connection is triggered or initiated as an initial stage of the twin flame union, it oftentimes results in separation. How each twin flame handles that separation marks the path of their love, flame, and of their soul bond in that lifetime.

While the flame will never again be dissolved once awakened, it can be a journey experienced in union, reunion, or in separation – even in its entirety. It’s up to each twin to do the personal growth and development work needed in order to achieve harmony within themselves and therefore within the twin flame union or the twin flame reunion.

When each twin is on the right path, their individual vibrations get higher and the vibration of the twin flame connection does too. Once they process enough of their personal issues, the reunion energy attracts them back to one another. Soul yearns for the soul, body yearns for the body, the love remains alive and grows steadily, sometimes over years and even decades – even if the twins make no personal contact.

The reunion process starts off with the growing presence of your twin on your mind, in your dreams, in your desires, and often times in your fantasies. It then materializes with their presence in your life, when the time is right on both parts. The twin flame connection grows in intensity and its vibration becomes higher and higher the more work you do on your own and as a couple, once you’ve achieved proper reunion – at which point the energy almost explodes in terms of vibe, becoming almost blinding.

How Long Does Twin Flame Reunion Take?

The reunion stage is most likely the longest stage of the twin flame connection. While the twin flame union begins as soon as the two twin souls come into contact with one another – at times in physical form, but oftentimes long before their physical forms meet in the current lifetime -, the reunion stage can take quite some time to bear palpable results.

Because the tempo of the reunion depends on the tempo of each twin soul when it comes to healing and processing all sorts of issues and wounds, it often feels trying and can become frustrating at different stages of the journey.

While the basis of the connection is always a high vibration love, the process often involves feelings of frustration and powerlessness. It takes two to tango, and in this situation, they’re dancing in different rooms, oftentimes not even speaking to one another for long periods of time.

But there are signs which often accompany both twins on their individual path. They are signs that they are on the right path, but also signs that their twin is on the right path too. The nature of those signs is different on a case by case basis, but they will always resonate deeply with the twins and convey the message to keep going on their paths.

What Happens After Twin Flame reunion?

Once the reunion stage gets to the point of actually becoming a part of each other’s lives, even if only on a communication level to begin with, there will be a term of acclimatization to the energy.

Again, it depends on each twin how long that term might be. Some need a longer time to deal with the changes, while for others that part is smooth sailing. Once acclimatized to each other’s energy and the new energy of the connection, there’s usually a physical reunion stage – the most rewarding and exhilarating part. After all that hard work, this will be a stage of reaping rewards and enjoying the fruits of your joint and personal labor.

While this stage isn’t without its own challenges, the love bond is very strong at this point, and it fuels the twin teamwork when it comes to dealing with issues. Issues are approached together, solutions are implemented as a team, rewards are felt by each flame but even more so by the union of them.

It’s important to keep in mind though that the journey does not end with this stage – it’s an ongoing process for the duration of this incarnation. It can experience ups and downs, and should the vibration of each partner lower, the vibration of the connection will lower too. That makes each partner and the connection vulnerable to various issues all over again.

That’s why it’s called a journey – it takes the rest of your life.

Your Own Journey

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