I don’t pretend to be an expert in astrology, as tarot cards have always had a greater draw, but I have at least studied twin flame astrology because anything that helps people reach the union stage faster appeals to me.

While I disagree with some of the opinions out there in the blogosphere when it comes to applying astrology to a twin flame journey, there are some things I think are worth paying attention to.

Astrology can help play a vital role in twin flame relationships. You might be a little into astrology if you know about twin flame relationships as people aware of twin flame connections already tend to be more spiritually awakened.

You don’t need a hugely in-depth knowledge of it to apply it here.

Astrology in Twin Flame Relationships

astrology for twin flames

Astrology provides a rich tapestry of insights into the profound connections known as twin flame relationships. It uses the positions of planets and zodiac signs at the time of birth to forecast compatibility and the nature of the bond between twin flames.

The Role of Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign brings distinct personality traits and energies. Aries, for example, is known for its leadership and enthusiasm, while Libra represents balance and harmony.

In twin flame astrology, these signs may reveal how individuals complement or challenge each other, influencing the dynamic of the relationship. While not identical, complementary zodiac signs are thought to enhance the growth and understanding within the twin flame union.

Planetary Influences on Twin Flames

Planets like Venus and Saturn exert significant influence over twin flame connections. Venus governs love and affection, playing a key role in the compatibility and attraction between the twin flames. Saturn, often considered the Lord of Karma, can indicate lessons or challenges designed to foster growth and maturity within the relationship.

Interpreting Birth Charts for Twin Flames

A birth chart is a map of the sky at the moment of one’s birth and includes the positions of the planets, the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the Ascendant. Tools and services are available to help you see your twin flame birth chart.

By comparing the birth charts of potential twin flames, astrologers look at aspects such as sun sign alignment, moon signs for emotional compatibility, and ascendant/descendant axis for interpersonal dynamics.

Moon and Venus Aspects

In the context of twin flames, the Moon represents emotional bonds and how one nurtures the other, while Venus deals with love and values. Positive aspects between these two bodies in the charts of both individuals, such as a trine or sextile, may indicate a harmonious and supportive connection.

Astrological Patterns and Twin Flames

Recognizing repeated astrological patterns, such as specific Jupiter signs or Saturn signs, can signal significant twin flame connections. These patterns may represent recurring themes in the relationship, meant to support spiritual evolution and deeper understanding between individuals. Insight into such patterns helps distinguish the depth and potential of the twin flame journey.

Astrological Recognition and Compatibility

twin flame compatibility

For most of us, trying to find your twin flame can be harder than trying to find a needle in a haystack. If the haystack was on the other side of the planet and the needle was actively trying to hide from you.

For the lucky ones, your twin can fall into your lap. But astrology can help us to determine if this is the real deal.

The Importance of Astrological Compatibility

Astrology provides a framework for assessing twin flame compatibility.

Zodiac signs and their elements (fire, earth, air, water) offer insights into temperament and behavior, while planetary positions, especially Venus, the planet of love, give clues into relationship dynamics. Moon signs are particularly significant as they indicate emotional compatibility, reflecting how twin flames might resonate and respond to each other’s inner feelings and needs.

Spiritual Recognition and Astrological Insight

Beyond the physical and emotional planes, spiritual recognition is another layer through which twin flames connect. Psychic intuition and energetic alignment might reveal the spiritual path that twin flames are meant to explore together.

Astrological insight, through the analysis of natal charts and transits, can shed light on the spiritual lessons and karmic patterns twin flames are destined to face. It offers a cosmic perspective on the purpose and evolution of their shared journey.

Twin Flame Astrology: Similarities With Your Twin

I’ve seen claims in the past that real mirror souls should share the same zodiac sign. In my experience (and I’ve seen more than most, I’d say, given that I’ve been doing twin flame readings for years), this doesn’t need to be the case. What I do generally see (and a good sign you’ve found a real twin) is you’re both in the same astrology sign group.

Again, this doesn’t always have to be the same. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘opposites attract‘, right? It’s just as relevant here where being a different group can actually complement each twin.

However, even this doesn’t stand true in some cases. I’ve seen a lot of people panic when this isn’t the case or they ignore every other sign the universe and their twin is throwing at them and cling to just the astrology.

I did a reading with a reader recently where the twin flame runner had been using the difference in astrology as the reason to avoid union. This was more of a symptom, and they were using this as an excuse rather than a real reason, but it’s a fairly common one. And, yes, in that instance, the two did make it to the union stage within a few months.

Even if you’re not going to match signs, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to your advantage.

twin flame astrology

Twin Flame Astrology: Why is there a difference in the zodiac signs?

Your twin flame is your mirror; he has the same qualities as yours.

But this doesn’t mean that the other person should have the same zodiac sign as yours. You both should be compatible, and this is what matters most.

I don’t want you to overthink this.

If we look at the twin flame astrology chart, there are 365 degrees of the zodiac circle. Each factor plays an important role in your relationship. Moreover, your place of birth will have a role as well. This is why it is not an issue if you don’t share a zodiac sign.

Zodiac Signs and False Twin Flames

In the same way as the mainstream media (I’m looking at you – ever soppy rom-com who mentions soulmates) has diluted our understanding of soulmates, the common way we use astrology and zodiac signs can actually be harmful in your twin flame journey.

Astrology can be useful on your twin flame journey, but it can also lead you astray. If we follow the usual things we hear then certain zodiac signs are supposed to look for partners with certain signs.

This does not apply to your twin flame journey, but it can absolutely cause people to fall into a false twin flame relationship by blindly following the zodiac.

I’ve covered false twin flames in detail already, but the main thing you need to remember is it can seem like a real connection, which is easy to mistake for a twin flame at first, but these relationships turn toxic very often and slow down your real journey.

Don’t blindly follow the zodiac, but instead, use it to help look at the overall picture and how it works with the other signs you see during the separation phase.

twin flame astrology

Does Astrology Matter in Twin Flame Relationships?

This is a question I’ve had more than a few times and added to the bottom of this post because it’s the most common response I’ve had.

I’d say both yes and no. However, it does depend on who you ask. Some use astrology as their main guiding point on the journey, so I know I’m disagreeing with some people here.

In my experience (and I have seen a lot of journeys) I think it can be an important tool to use but when combined with several things.

Astrology in itself is a tool just like a deck of tarot cards or a pendulum. Trusting it blindly and ignoring everything else is only going to work if you’re very lucky. Instead, I always advise taking the time to understand as much as you can about the journey and use every tool available.


After struggling with my own twin flame journey for many years I became (I'll say it) almost obsessed with the twin flame journey and this path of self-discovery and improvement.

Now after sharing the stories of thousands of people going through their own journey I want to share my own thoughts and the patterns I see on twin flames.

I'm wary of speaking in absolutes on a subject like this. There's too much that any of us will really ever *know* (at least in this lifetime) so my opinions are based on my experience and the experience of those I speak to and who share their stories with me.

There are no two journeys that are ever going to be entirely alike but when you see enough of them, you do see definite patterns emerge.

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