Ultimate Guide to Twin Flame Stages

You might have heard of soul mates and probably be looking for yours if you are not in a relationship. You are not the first one to wonder whether your soul mate exists or not. The best part is, yes, your soul mate does exist. However, there is a relationship that is even deeper, and that is between twin flames. Every person has a twin flame, but not everyone meets his mirror. You can meet your twin flame only if you are lucky, and the twin flame stages will lead you to them.

When you meet this person, you will feel like your life is complete. It will feel like meeting your other half or your mirror. This will be the most important bond in your life, and that is why it’s hard to find. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to get this feeling. So, if you do meet your twin flame, you should feel lucky. But, even if you do, it wouldn’t happen in a day. It will take time, and you will have to go through the twin flame stages to meet your other half.

twin flame stages

If you see twin flame love signs, it means you are on the right path towards your mirror. There are about seven twin flame stages that will lead you to your other half. Let’s have a look at those stages.

The Twin Flame Stages Broken Down

For most of you, many of these stages will make sense. Some of you may still be in the search stage while a lot of readers I do twin flame readings with are going through the separation stage (this one lasts the longest).

Sometimes it can be a little harder to pinpoint exactly where you are – but either way, it’s still important to understand these stages so you can figure out what you need to do to continue on your journey.

The Search

In this stage, you will feel like something is missing in your life. Even if you have been doing good in life, something will feel lacking. This is where it all begins. A lot of people fail to realize what’s missing in their life. But, if you do realize it, that means you are ready to go through the twin flame stages.

It won’t be able to shake the feeling that your other half is out there. It will feel like you have everything in life, but the most important thing is missing. This is where you will realize that your other half is out there.

It doesn’t end here; you will also make some changes in your life. Even when you haven’t met this person in your entire life, you will know that some changes are needed to be done. This will be the case with both partners. Your other half will also feel the same way and make the required changes. The change could be anything, but it will definitely come into play in the later stages. Well, it’s also possible that you will do all this without even knowing why you are doing it. You will just sense the need to make these changes. This is how the magic of love happens.

The Awakening

twin flame awakening

Once you have realized that your other half does exist, it’s time for you to meet. But, this doesn’t mean that you both will decide to meet. This is not possible because you won’t know each other till now. Fate will bring you both together, and it may happen on a special occasion. However, it could be a casual meeting as well. You could meet that person a number of times while walking in the street. There will always be a chance for an encounter, and it will be a coincidence.

The best thing is that you will know from the very first time that this is your twin flame. You will sense it, and the other person is like to sense it as well. Also, it might not be a physical meeting every time. You could see your twin flame in your dreams daily. No matter how you to keep meeting, you will always keep thinking about each other. This is the beauty of this twin flame stage, and a lot of people consider it to be the best stage.

The Test

This stage is an important one, and it will be the foundation of your relationship with the twin flame. Falling in love with the right person is the best feeling in the world, and this is exactly what you will experience here. You will also discover your boundaries in the relationship and the things that you need to improve. This is why it is one of the most important twin flame stages.

However, this stage will truly begin once you are past the honeymoon phase in your relationship. This stage will be crucial, and you will think about your future together. You and your twin flame will discuss the problems that could be there in your future together. In some cases, there might also be a conflict in the partners. This is where it becomes important to put in the required efforts.

This will play an important role in deciding the future of your relationship. No matter how good your bond is, this stage will test you both. The steps that you take to resolve these issues will determine your future together.

The Crisis

In this stage, you will have insecurities, and things won’t be as smooth as they were in the beginning. Even if your relationship was strong and you both were comfortable with each other, this stage will eventually come at some point in life. You both will face issues in the relationship, and it could be because of anything. Even small things can lead to big issues, and you won’t be able to find a way out. This will result in anxiety and worries for both of you.

However, there something good in all the twin flame stages and the same is the case with this one as well. You might not like it at the moment, but it will make your bond even stronger in the longer run. When two people get in a relationship, conflicts will be there at some point. But, what matters most is how you deal with them.

The worst part about this stage is that you both might get separated from each other. It could happen regardless of how strong your bond was in the beginning. But, you shouldn’t lose hope and try to stay put while going through the remaining twin flame stages.

The Running or Chasing (Separation Stage)

This could be the most crucial stage in the twin flame journey. In this stage, there will be a runner, and the other person will play the role of chasing. However, the roles aren’t fixed, and the person chasing, in the beginning, might become the runner by the end. The roles may keep changing from time to time – but it doesn’t always.

I know I say this stuff a lot but it’s important to remember that your journey is very liquid. No two people are going to experience the exact same journey.

Very often it’s the twin flame chaser here on our site because they tend to be the more spiritually awoken of the two. It can be very easy to think the chaser has the hardship of this phase and the runner doesn’t go through the same pain.

I get that impulse. I felt the same way when I was the chaser.

However, the truth is the runner is also going through hardship. They might be less in tune with their emotions or the spiritual connection but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel this pain any less. They just understand it less. We’ve looked at the twin flame runners feelings in detail before but it’s important to try and see it from their point of view.

I know it can be frustrating. Trust me. I know first hand.

This stage is about self-healing – for both of you.

Usually, the best advice during this phase is to focus on yourself and usually, the runner will be doing the same. Union hasn’t happened yet because there’s something one of you still has to work through.

The Surrender

By this twin flame stage, both members of the twin flame have realized that some things are meant to happen. This is where they surrender and stop trying to do what can’t be done. They won’t give up on the relationship and will stop fighting destiny. This is where they realize that they are meant to be together.
But, you will reach this twin flame stage only if you both haven’t given up on each other. This is the most important thing here, and if one person in the relationship doesn’t try at all, no force can keep them together. The good thing here is that if you truly have found your twin flame, you won’t be able to give up on each other. This is how destiny works. Everything is pre-planned, and you go through all the trouble just to find out how important the other person is in your life.

In this stage, you will realize what your other half means in your life. So, if you walk successfully to the surrender stage, you will finally reach the final twin flame stage.

The Reunion

You will eventually find yourselves together stronger than ever after fighting through all those twin flame stages. No matter how difficult those situations were, you both will find some way to fight them and stick together. Even when you were away for some time in the running and chasing stage, the emotional bond didn’t end. This is how strong a twin flame bond is.

If you have successfully reached this twin flame stage, the difficult part is over. You have already gone through a lot, and it’s time to settle in life. But, the twin flame journey isn’t over yet. You both will make this reunion special by taking your relationship to the next level. After the entire struggle, you might end up moving in together. At this point in life, you both will understand the importance of those tough times. It was that hard time that made you realize the importance of the other person in your life.

Since you have gone through all the twin flame stages successfully, all the major challenges are over. You will live your life happily and enjoy every moment together. This is how the universe makes you stick together in hard times.

Your Own Journey

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Common Twin Flame Symptoms and Signs

Having the same interests

Having something in common with another person is pretty common. It doesn’t mean every second person you find something common in is your twin flame. But, when you meet your twin flame, you will find that most of your interests are common. It could be a small thing as the favorite movie to the favorite tourist destination.

Having the same dreams

You may also have the same dreams at night if you two are truly made for each other. It means that you might appear in each other’s dreams on the same night. However, the theme of the dream could be different in some situations. But, it will have the same conclusion in the end. You both may also have dreams about going to a tourist destination together. You may feel it in all the twin flame stages.

Communicating without speaking

Well, this does happen in real life, and you might experience it if you have met your twin flame. You won’t have to say anything to make your other half realize what you want. You will also understand what the other person wants to say without having a single word exchanged. This is the true power of love, and if this happens, the other person is most likely your twin flame.

I’ve covered twin flame telepathy before and I do believe understanding this is one of the key things you can do to further your journey and keep yourself on the right spiritual path. It’s also covered in the free audiobook I commonly suggest but even if you take a couple of minutes to read that guide you’ll start noticing the patterns and see when your twin is reaching out to you.

Responding to those calls is an important part of the path to reunion.

Sharing the same weaknesses

It is possible that both of you might have the same weaknesses. It could be a fear of height or water. But, the best thing about such a bond is that you both will feel much stronger when you are together. This sharing of weakness and standing by each other will also be there in all the twin flame stages.

Feeling a physical pull

Whenever the other person is around, you might feel that some force is pulling both of you towards each other. A small discussion may feel like you both know each other for so long. It will feel like the universe has brought you together on purpose.

Knowing what the other person is doing or feeling

You will get to know how the other person is feeling, even if you are not together. Also, you may get a feeling about what your other half is doing without even being present there. This could only happen if your bond is pure, and you both are meant to be together. This feeling will be there in all the twin flame stages.

Having the same thoughts at the same time

You both may have the same thoughts at the same time, and this could be a twin flame symptom. If it happens again and again, you can think about giving it a try.

You can also consider these are twin flame signs. But, you should know the difference between these and the twin flame stages. They are different things.

Well, if you have read the article carefully, you might have learned everything about the twin flame symptoms and twin flame separation. The good thing about finding your twin flame is that once you do it, the universe starts playing its cards. Also, you will need to go through all the twin flame stages to reach a point where nobody will come in between. But, the best thing about it is that no matter how hard things become, you will end up together if it’s meant to be.

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  1. You say during the running/chasing stage that, “The person who is chasing will need to keep chasing, and the runner needs to stop trying to stay away.” I have read on several other sites that once the chaser becomes exhausted and stops chasing, that is when the runner may respond by not running any more. Can you explain this difference in thought?


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