What Does Twin Flame Energy Feel Like?

While I love so many things about the twin flame journey and the benefits it can bring – trying to explain what does twin flame energy feels like is just not one of them.

For that matter trying to explain anything in the twin flame journey is a challenge but (if really pushed) true twin flame energy feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced in a normal 2D relationship. It’s intense, overpowering and it’s guiding.

You might have heard me say this before but I repeat it so often for a reason. No two journeys are ever alike. If you asked 100 people what their twin flame energy felt like you’d probably get 200 different answers.

So let’s look at some common patterns, why it happens and how you can use twin flame energy in your journey.

What Twin Flame Energy Can Feel Like

Remember. These are just common examples you can use as a guideline. Don’t judge your journey against other peoples based on these.

  • Expanding and pulsating heat in the chest.
  • Sudden jolts of different emotions out of nowhere.
  • Physical pain when apart (I’ve covered twin flame pain before).
  • Like an indescribable love.

As the twin flame connection and the twin flame relationship evolve, both twins change on a deep energetic level. The spiritual path towards union consists of numerous stages and experiences of healing but also challenging nature.

The road towards twin souls achieving unconditional love and harmony in body, spirit, and heart demands growth and balance for each partner as well as the flame connection between then. Divine love of high frequency and vibration is a meeting of twin flames in union, but before getting there they’re going to experience separation and reunion – in some cases, more than once. It’s an emotional and deeply transformative path for the flames which have met the one.

twin flame energy

What is a Twin Flame Energy?

Twin flame souls are connected at a much deeper level and share a twin flame bond of unconditional love. That energy bond exists between the twin flame souls even before they meet, in energy or higher self form or in physical form, as part of the human experience. One twin soul is deeply connected to the other one.

In the twin flame connection, like attracts like in the sense that there are soul-deep energy similarities between the two flames. Their soul signature reads pretty much the same, and it only intensifies as they grow closer. At which point, their vibration becomes of an even higher frequency, and their connection radiates outward in the collective.

That radiating light of their transforms everything and everyone it touches on a physical or subtly energetic level. That high vibe love from one twin flame to the other is the love they both have for the collective as a whole. Their chakras emanate that flame vibe, influencing for the better everything and everyone in the collective. It’s like a twin flame gift that keeps on giving.

Can My Twin Flame Feel My Energy?

Twins are deeply connected on very deep and also very subtle levels of energies and vibration. This can manifest in many different ways from feeling your twin crying (for example) to sharing their joy in a new passion or hobby. They share a telepathic and energetic tie or bond which is never broken, whether they’ve only met in the spiritual realm or in the physical bodies as well. In that sense, their energies flow freely between them.

Twin flames that haven’t merged don’t necessarily share a single energetic body as much as they constantly exchange their personal energies until they do merge. Because of that constant flow, each twin flame can feel the flames of their twin’s soul. That flame burns bright, and it’ll trigger the other twin to zoom in on it at any and all times. Those flames cannot be ignored, even if for some reason you might want to at times. It’s like a trigger point, instantly calling each twin to attention.

Those who have been on the journey for some time become more accustomed to the intensely connected nature of their twin flame bond. As a result, they can learn in some cases to filter or resolve various types of energies precisely so their twin won’t feel them through their bond.

twin flame connection

Twin Flame Energy Exchange

When you’re part of a twin flame journey and become aware of the fact, you’ll suddenly make sense of some situations or moments in your life when things became a bit confusing: you might have felt feelings that didn’t seem entirely your own, might have thought things that didn’t seem totally yours. It may have seemed like at times you were taken over by some sort of deeply familiar yet not your own vortex or wave of energies. All of that is then explained through the exchange of energies between flames.

All of those signs point to the fact that you’re on the twin flame path. Whether the twin flames have made contact or not, that flow of energies is a constant as part of their existence. Twin flames learn to deal with that exchange on an instinctive level pretty early on, as it’s a constant presence in their life. Because of that, it becomes sometimes hard to realize the presence of that exchange – it’s been there all along, so it’s tougher to pick up on.

Once one twin or both twin flames become aware of it, the exchange can also be done voluntarily and with intent. Once a twin feels that their other flame half is going through a tougher time or has some issues affecting their energy levels, they can choose to channel a particular type of energetic flow towards their twin flame and help them out. It can be a healing intent, a shower of encouragement and unconditional love, a boost of drive and motivation to help their twin flame make it though whatever issue they might have.

It’s a bit like having a secret vault of higher vibrational resources, always ready to offer support and spiritual guidance when needed. Twin flames operate on such a level that they don’t even need to consciously think about it for the energies to flow. At the subtlest signs of distress they pick up on through the twin flame connected energies, it’s within the instinct of each twin flame to act as their own body, heart or soul is in distress and gets mobilized to solve that issue. In that sense, twin flames are like the dream team operating in sync, even if union or merge hasn’t been yet achieved.

When it comes to twin flames, there are so many layers of subtleties and soul bonds between them, that each twin flame functions as the natural backup of their twin flame. They operate in harmony and interact in a natural way in the higher realms, even when they’re in separation. That’s not to say that the journey doesn’t come with its very specific set of challenges, but the universe also gifts the twins with a special kind of support that they instinctively offer each other. Since being a united front is part of their energetic codes, there’s a constant level of energetic exchange throughout their human experiences.

Using Twin Flame Energy to Guide You

You can use twin flame energy in much the same way as you can use twin flame telepathy during some of the difficult early phases. It can help you traverse periods of doubt and uncertainty in what can be a long and emotionally difficult period.

Allow your twin to give you support through this shared energy, allow yourself to be free with them on this level even if you’re not able to be free with them physically in the 2D yet. You can do more specific energy work to further your own healing by focusing on a Kundalini awakening or working with crystals. If you’d like some further guidance on your journey, share the details of your path so far for a reading:

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