What Is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is an all-consuming, seemingly magnetic relationship in which we connect with another person that the universe brought to us. This person teaches us lessons we need to learn pertaining to partnership and brings unfinished business surrounding relationships in our past lives into this one. Karmic relationships are usually temporary and meant to help your soul grow, often even in difficult ways. This bond is meant to heal and break unhealthy patterns both partners have developed in their past lives.

We’ve already covered karmic relationship vs twin flames in the which is our ultimate guide to avoiding this kind of false flame and finding your¬†true mirror soul.

Karmic Relationship Symptoms

There are quite a few different symptoms in a karmic relationship. A big symptom to note is an obsession. You may notice yourself frequently experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions based on an addiction to constantly be with your partner. Another important symptom to know is fear. Individuals develop fear because the other person brings all their past traumas to light which can feel overwhelming and frighten them. Along with this, common symptoms include feeling emotionally unstable, exhausted and in a state of chaos.

You can endure these symptoms because, at times, the relationship gives you great joy, passion, and a real sense of connection. Because of this, you do not feel like you can leave and you are confused and unstable when it quickly switches to being negative again. This can bring out the worst of us and highlight symptoms such as insecurity, unhappiness, jealousy, and extreme intensity.

Karmic Relationship Signs

There are obvious signs of being in a karmic relationship alongside more subtle ones. It can feel difficult to know you dealing with relationship karma because it can be masked as undying love and passionate connection. A sign that can help you identify what kind of bond you have is if you had an instant connection. When you meet this person, you feel like you have known them before and they stir up emotions in you that feels familiar.

Another sign of a karmic relationship is feeling completely dependent on the other person. You may notice that your life starts to revolve around them and you are addicted to being with them, even if you are not always happy. This relates to there being very frequent and reoccurring drama in the relationship.

Another common sign is recognizing there is a lot of drama in your relationship and the foundation for your connection seems grounded in chaos. The chaos can be repetitive and this can be indicative that a lesson is trying to be ingrained upon you. Another two signs are being unable to let go of the connection you have and believing you are destined to be together. Lastly, another important sign that will help you distinguish what kind of partnership you have is recognizing this person makes you notice your most undesirable traits and worst insecurities.

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How Do You Know If It’s a Karmic Relationship?

When you are trying to figure out if you are in a karmic relationship, it is integral to look at both the signs and the symptoms. You know it is a karmic relationship when you realize there is an expiration date and while you want the person, you cannot be with them.

You can also tell when you feel like this person is your whole world and you and this person are meant to find each other, no matter the cost. This relationship starts by feeling like fireworks, extravagant and amazing but also is enveloped in flames, painful and unhealthy. If you are in a relationship in which you don’t understand why you are feeling pain since the other person seems to be so connected and perfect for you, you are in a karmic relationship.

You can tell when this relationship is giving you pain and everyone around you is telling you to leave it, but you just can’t seem to let go. This karma relationship doesn’t have to just be with a romantic lover, it can be with a friend or member of your family as well.

Although regular friendships or partnerships have ups and downs, this is different. You will feel like any little issue that arises is the end-all being and rough patches will weigh incredibly heavy on you, even if the situation is not a huge deal.

Why do Karmic Relationships Happen?

Karmic relationships happen because of bad experiences from your past life or lessons not learned. They are meant to help you heal and grow.

Often we have numerous unresolved issues from our prior life and we meet a person in this one that is supposed to act as a teacher and put us on our respective paths. We have a soul agreement with this person to help better each other.

This happens so that we can truly grow and become better versions of ourselves in our partnerships. They are not meant to last and instead are just supposed to provide us with a better understanding of how to love. While they might feel harsh and unnecessary, they are needed.

It is not a punishment. Growth is not easy and we need to be challenged and even pushed to fill in the gaps we are lacking and become the most powerful and understanding versions of ourselves.

Can Karmic Relationships Turn Into Soulmates?

Karmic relationships do not turn into soulmates. The overly intense energy and complete dependence of one another make these relationships not fit for the long run. Karmic relationships are meant to bring people together for the reason of helping them grow and then letting them go.

If these people stay together for too long, it can cause mutual destruction and develop into a very toxic bond. While a twin flame is more supportive and positive than a karmic relationship, they are similar in the manner that you were meant to find the other person, but only to learn a lesson and be with them for a short period of time. Karmic relationships are not sustainable long term and they will not evolve into a soulmate.

Though you really should understand the difference in twin flames and soul mates as well. Equally as important (if not more so).


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