What Is A Twin Flame Really?

Ah, here we have the million-dollar question what is a twin flame?

The truth is at some level we all already know what a twin flame is. We just don’t know it and usually end up calling it by another name. After years of Hollywood rom-coms and stories, we’ve started using the term ‘soulmate’ to describe the deepest connection you can have with someone.

Soulmates are absolutely a thing. We’ve covered the difference in twin flames and soulmates already in-depth but the important thing to know is while a soulmate connection is something to cherish finding a twin flame is more than just finding a great relationship. It’s about finding another part of yourself.

The Basics of Twin Flames

Two people who have different bodies, but share the same soul are twin flames. Simply, it means your mirror as everything between you two will be the same. You will share common interests and get attracted to the same things. This is because your soul was split into two before settling into a physical state. It is believed that every person has a twin flame in this world; however, only a few lucky ones find theirs. It’s pretty hard to find your twin flame, but if you do, you should make every possible effort to stick together.

Now that you know about what is a twin flame, you might be wondering how it feels to meet your other half, right? Well, when you meet your twin flame, you will feel complete.

It’s hard to put into words how it actually feels until you’ve really been there (which doesn’t make my job easy). It’s not uncommon to meet someone you have an instant connection with but there are various reasons for this and most of us spend a lot of time in relationships with false twin flames for this exact reason.

A real connection is more than a great relationship. It’s the end of a spiritual journey (one that usually spans more than one lifetime). It’s finding another part of yourself. It’s becoming one.

Trying to figure out if you’ve met your real twin flame is tough. Especially because it’s not an easy journey. Very, very few of us will have an easy time on the journey and no two twin flame journeys are ever going to be the same (which – again – doesn’t make my job of giving advice easy). If you’re not sure if you’ve found your twin flame consider getting a twin flame reading so we can look at your journey specifically.


There are a lot of people in this world who have everything, but they still feel incomplete. This could be because of the fact that they haven’t met their twin flame yet. However, a lot of people don’t even feel the need to meet theirs as they don’t have a clue about what it means. This is why finding twin flame is considered this hard, and if you do find yours, you should feel lucky.

Well, if you are lucky enough to find your twin flame, you will get to know about your connection at the very first meeting. Even if you don’t know about what is a twin flame, you will sense a special bond with that person. That bond would be more special than any other bond in your life. After all, it’s your other half that we are talking about. Let’s have a look at the twin flame symptoms that you will experience.

Twin Flame Symptoms

When you meet or see your twin flame, you will get to know about the bond. This is something that you can’t change because when it comes to fate, we don’t have a say there. You will get to know that this is the person that was missing in your life. There are a lot of different signs you might experience during this journey but after hearing literally thousands of them – there are a couple I suggest you look out for.

Keep in mind that you might not see all or even any of these signs and it doesn’t automatically mean you haven’t found a real twin flame connection.

Your Twin Flame Will Appear in or Share Your Dreams

This is one of the main signs of twin flame telepathy. Forget what Hollywood tells you about having a voice in your head – what we actually have is this constant connection between two souls which is always talking. Them randomly showing up in your thoughts or dreams is a common symptom of this happening.

It is pretty common to see a person in your dreams, but when a person appears in your dreams, again and again, it can’t be a coincidence. The most amazing thing here is that your twin flame could also appear in your dreams way before your encounter. This doesn’t mean that you will see the exact same face in your dream, though. However, you can see a random person in a scenario similar to the one that is going to take place in the future.

When you two meet in real, that dream may strike you, and this will be a clear indication that there is a special bond for sure. It doesn’t end here; the person will keep appearing in your dreams after your encounter as well. This is where fate plays its role; thus, nothing will be in your control. The best thing here is that the other person will also experience the same. Your twin flame will also see you in dreams, and this is because of the spiritual bond that you share.

You Feel Positive and Energised Around Them

Part of the twin flame journey is the drive to improve each other and create. You’re going to feel motivated and excited around them – and they’ll be the same around you (not that they’ll always notice at first).

When you are attracted to someone of the other gender, and there is a romantic connection, you will feel happy around them. But, when you are with your twin flame, everything will start to look completely different, and you will feel positive. You will forget about everything that has been bothering you in the past, and the feeling would be amazing.

If you were thinking about what is a twin flame, all your questions would be answered at once. You will get to know that this person is related to you, and the connection is as deep as an ocean.

There’s a magnetic ‘Pull’

A common factor in many stories is coming back into one another’s lives. Sometimes we think this was chance or luck. It’s sometimes taken as a ‘sign from the universe’ but really it’s just another sign of this telepathic connection. Even when we’re not aware of it, our 5D selves are communicating and trying to find the way to each other.

One of the most common symptoms that the other person is your twin flame is that you both will experience a magnetic pull towards each other. This is because of the fact that both of you share the same soul. When you are with your twin flame, the whole world will turn around, and you both will fall into each other’s eyes. Nothing else will bother you anymore, and you will enjoy each other’s company.

Also, you won’t be able to bear the separation, and both of you will feel like something is missing in your life. You will start to miss each other when not together, and you will feel incomplete. It will feel like the most important thing in your life has been taken away from you. This is because the bond that you share is pure, and it’s a bond of souls.

Twin flame separation is hard to bear, and this is what keeps them together as well. However, every twin flame has to go through a stage of separation during the relationship, and it is inevitable. But, this is what makes them realize each other’s importance in their lives.
Both of you will have the same likings

Sharing Interests and Opinions

When you meet your twin flame, you will find out that your likings are the same. Both of you will share the same interests in life. It can be something that you like to eat, someplace that you want to visit or something that you want to do in life before dying. This is because you both are parts of a single soul. In the beginning, you will feel like it’s a coincidence. But, with time, you both will realize that everything that you have been experiencing can’t be a coincidence

Moreover, if you know about what is a twin flame, things will be clearer. You will also realize that your twin flame doesn’t like the things that you don’t. This is the beauty of the bond between twin flames.

Your Emotions Will Be in Sync

This does not mean you won’t go through the separation phase. Sometimes in the 3D we’re not prepared for this kind of connection and we’ll try and override these feelings out of panic but in general (whether we know it or not) we’re in sync with our mirror souls.

Another twin flame symptom is having your emotions in sync. This means that you won’t feel right when your twin flame is sad. You will also not feel good without knowing the cause. The same will happen to your twin flame when you are not feeling good about something. But, the good news is that you both will feel happy at the same time as well.

This is why twin flames feel good around each other. They get positive vibes of their other half, and this is what keeps them happy as well. Being happy without any reason is something that won’t harm anyone, and this is something that you get as a gift in a twin flame relationship. This shows the true meaning of a relationship; you both will be together in each other’s pain and happiness.

Well, these are the twin flame symptoms that you will experience after meeting your other half. When you experience these, you will be clear that the person is your twin flame. You will most likely experience these things right after meeting your other half; however, it’s possible that you might not feel all these things at the same time. But, you will definitely get the feeling that this is the right person. Also, a lot of people experience these things even if they don’t know about what is a twin flame. Some people start dating each other way before they have any idea about what is a twin flame.

Twin Flame Separation

This is the worst (and the hardest) part of a twin flame journey.

No matter how pure and strong the bond is, there will be a stage in a twin flame relationship when you separate from each other. It is inevitable, and this is how the universe works. You can’t fight it no matter how hard you try. But, the good thing about it is that you can fight your way back. One of you will never lose hope on the relationship, and you both will get back together at some point in time.

This is where you both will realize that this relationship is meant to be. Things that have been decided by God can’t be changed, and you both will stay together happily ever after.

Twin Flames Grow Together

Finding your twin flame is the best thing that could ever happen to you. This is because it’s a relationship that only a few people get a chance to be in. Only a few lucky ones find their twin flame. Moreover, when you do find your twin flame, your entire life will change and take a new turn. You will realize that every pain and hard time that you have gone through was worth it. You went through all that to be there at the right place at the right time to meet your other half.

This will make you forget every bad chapter of your life. You will forget about all your failed relationships in the past, and the same things will happen to your other half. This is how destiny works. But, this is not the best part; the best part of your life is about to start.
Twin flames grow together once they meet and reach new heights in life. They keep each other moving forward in life and achieve their dreams together. You will experience all this with your partner even if you don’t know about what is a twin flame.

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