What are the twin flame runner returns signs you can look out for? How do you know that runner is starting to finally come around and what can you do to help this stage along?

Twin flame runner return signs are powerful and emotive; the runner is desperate to return to his or her place of safety and security. They long to free themselves from the shackles of vulnerability, desperation and loneliness and want to feel complete again. If you experience some or all of the following signs, your twin soul is closer than you think.

If you haven’t already, read the guide on twin flame separation. It’s no use waiting for the signs for it to end if we don’t understand the reason we go through a separation, to begin with. This stage is an opportunity.

Signs of Them Returning

Twin flame signs can manifest in many different ways.

We often talk about the obvious things like number sequences showing up in every aspect of your life but it isn’t always that blatant and obvious. Sometimes, the signs they’re ready to return are more subtle.

Every journey is still always going to be unique, and these signs should be guidelines. Don’t judge yourself (or your mirror soul) purely based on them. Signs often arrive to try and guide us towards something specific (or away from something).

If things still seem cloudy, we can also try a twin flame reading.

An Intense Feeling of Happiness

If you encounter a sudden surge of energy, one that makes you feel elated, blissful and euphoric, you are on the verge of a twin flame reunion. You will find yourself wearing the sort of smile that sweeps across your face when an amazing idea floods in and lifts you up like rocket fuel. This energy is so powerful, you feel as if you have already reunited with your twin flame. You have no idea why you feel this way but you sense something wonderful is about to happen.

Your soul is resonating in complete alignment with the energy of your twin flame; this is what causes you to vibrate at such a high frequency so bask in this glorious sense of expectation.

Unexplained Urges

Your instincts are sharper than usual and you take note of that little whisper in your ear which gets stronger and stronger. You are consciously alert and looking out for cues, signs and messages. You have strange urges to go to random places at a particular time and may sense an unmistakable urge to start a new sport or something random. You act upon these unexplained impulses or feelings and may find yourself taking a different route home from work or going to the beach instead of the park, you could even find yourself going somewhere for no apparent reason.

Your twin flame is drawing you to the exact place where your paths could cross; that separation phase is coming to an end. Your connection right now is not via language, it is through alignment. These vibrations of energy are like two magnets being pulled together.

A Healthy Relationship with Yourself

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Your heart and soul are not really into a relationship and you no longer feel the urge to go out and meet new people or hook up with old friends. If you do go on a date, there is little interest or excitement on your part and you know that such a relationship will never develop into anything deep and meaningful; you actually prefer your own company and enjoy being alone. You are probably going through a period of self-reflection and are ready to turn the pages on all bad experiences. Things that used to be a large part of your life are no longer important, they are gradually slipping away. As you declutter, you form an intense connection with your soul and start to discover and accept who you are as a person.

You may not know it, but you are making room for that twin flame reunion.

A Peaceful Everyday Life

You resonate with the silence within and enjoy a calmer, tranquil life. In this sacred space, you pacify all mental chaos and bask in solitude. You have attuned with the finer vibrations of your soul and feel lighter and at peace with yourself. Your mind and spirit are in complete harmony. You still connect with twin flame energy and send love in their direction but you communicate without an ulterior motive; you do not expect anything in return. You have placed your trust in the universe and no longer have a driven desire to force things to happen. The ego has been pacified.

This is a clear indication of your spiritual evolution; a time for connecting with yourself at a soul level and learning to love and appreciate everything you have in your life. Your twin flame will pick up on this new refined energy and want to end the separation stage.

Twin Flame Connection

You have a feeling of incompleteness, a sense that something vitally important is missing from your life but you cannot work out what it is. On the surface, everything seems to be ticking along fine but you are frantically looking for that one thing to fill the void; no matter how hard you look, nothing gives you that fulfillment.

Right at this moment in time, your twin flame is feeling the exact same way as you do. The only time you will feel complete is when this period of separation comes to an end.

Vivid Dreams

You are experiencing unusual dreams, flashbacks or images that link to memories you have suppressed from previous lives. This is your soul telling you that past life karma is seeping into your current-day existence. Your soul is longing for expansion and growth and has brought these matters to your attention; it has literally made the unconscious conscious so that you can heal from within. This inner healing encourages lifestyle and behavioral changes to help reach spiritual awakening.

You may also notice certain numbers popping up around you, especially the number 11:11. Maybe you look at the time on your digital clock or computer at 11:11, or you see the number 1111 on cars, street signs, the TV…this number is a direct indication of new beginnings and is also linked to higher spiritual consciousness and soul growth.

Your twin flame is helping you to settle any karmic debts and ego-based conditioning, encouraging you to peel away karmic layers of your past and reveal who you truly are.

Now you can see why a twin flame relationship is so powerful; when you are apart that soul bond will always be there. This magical, beautiful connection is held together by a spiritual cord that binds your love throughout the realms of time and space.

When you’re navigating the complex path of a twin flame relationship, awareness is your trusted partner. During periods of separation with your twin flame runner, subtle hints may surface, indicating a potential reunion.

twin flame return signs

Signs to Watch For

  • Sudden increase in synchronicities, like recurring numbers
  • sense of calmness that seems new or unusual
  • Feeling a strong emotional pull toward specific locations or memories

While observing these phenomena, balance a hopeful attitude with a grounded approach. It’s easy to misinterpret such signs, and over-reliance can lead to misconceptions about your twin flame’s intentions.

Self-Reflection and Growth:

  • Acknowledge personal growth as it may be a precursor to reuniting
  • Trust in your own intuition while also seeking objective perspectives
  • Recognize changes within yourself instead of fixating solely on external signs

Remember, every twin flame journey is unique. The signs you experience may differ from others. Cultivate patience and trust the process—your experiences are shaping your personal journey and growth.

Communication Patterns as Return Signs

When your twin flame runner starts to return, the way you both communicate undergoes a noticeable transformation. You may find more frequent exchanges and a heightened sense of connection through unique telepathic experiences.

Increased Communication

Frequency: You notice an uptick in how often they reach out. Texts, calls, and emails become more regular, breaking a long silence.

Content: The discussions veer towards more personal topics. They share more about their feelings and may express a longing to understand you better.

Initiation: If they’re initiating conversations more than usual, it’s a sign they want to reduce the distance between you two.

Twin Flame Telepathy

Subtle Signals: You might start experiencing an intuitive understanding of their thoughts or emotions without any direct communication.

Synchronicities: Picking up the phone to call them, only to find they’re already calling you, is a common telepathic link sign.

Dream Sharing: Sharing similar dreams or themes in your dreams might indicate your subconscious minds are connecting.

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Divine Timing and the Reunion Process

divine timing

In your journey towards twin flame reunion, understanding divine timing is pivotal. It’s a complex blend of patience, faith, and mindfulness as you navigate towards that profound reconnection.

Recognizing Divine Timing

Divine timing in the context of a twin flame reunion refers to the belief that the universe has a specific plan that aligns with your spiritual path. You may notice signs that suggest you’re getting closer to reuniting with your twin flame. These signs can include a newfound sense of inner peace or significant spiritual transformation, hinting that the moment for your paths to align is nearing.

Block Removal and Reunion Stages

The process of reuniting often involves clearing away personal obstacles or emotional blocks that may have caused the initial separation phase. You’ll likely go through various stages that challenge and provoke growth, encouraging both you and your twin to evolve. This evolution is essential for achieving the harmonious balance necessary for a reunion, where both partners have worked through their individual issues and are ready to come together with greater understanding and unity.


After struggling with my own twin flame journey for many years I became (I'll say it) almost obsessed with the twin flame journey and this path of self-discovery and improvement.

Now after sharing the stories of thousands of people going through their own journey I want to share my own thoughts and the patterns I see on twin flames.

I'm wary of speaking in absolutes on a subject like this. There's too much that any of us will really ever *know* (at least in this lifetime) so my opinions are based on my experience and the experience of those I speak to and who share their stories with me.

There are no two journeys that are ever going to be entirely alike but when you see enough of them, you do see definite patterns emerge.

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