If you go by social media posts the twin flame journey can look like a walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s perhaps the most important thing you’ll ever do, but all too often, we gloss over the twin flame separation stage.

Straight away, we have to clarify: opinions vary here about whether or not twin flame separation is a ‘stage.’ It’s a term we use out of ease, but in reality, it can happen repeatedly, and it’s more of a process for both twins working towards union than a single stage in the journey.

I’m not getting too bogged down in the terminology here because it doesn’t matter whether we consider it a stage. What matters is we understand what is happening, why it happens and (most importantly) what we should be doing about it.

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What Is This Separation ‘Stage’ A Bad Thing? Is it Common?

I’ve mentioned the separation stage in so many other posts because it happens to nearly everybody.

It’s a stage where one twin will find (or invent) a reason to retreat from the other. Sometimes, this can be an emotional retreat where they’ll just not be ‘romantically available’, and sometimes, they’ll create physical distance and block you from contacting them.

There are those who are lucky enough to meet their twin flame after you’re both spiritually ready for union and you entirely skip this stage. If this is you? Fantastic. You’ve managed to skip what is, perhaps, the hardest part of the whole journey (at least this lifetime).

I’ve spoken to literally thousands of people about their twin flame journey. The vast majority go through this stage, so whether or not you do, don’t say anything one way or the other about your journey. It just depends on when you meet.

The twin flame separation stage is a very different from a normal relationship separation. Like, night and day are different. It can feel awful, like our entire lives have been shattered in the blink of an eye.

The same intense burning love that makes a twin flame relationship so intense is the same thing that makes any spit or separation so unbearable. While it can be incredibly tough to go through – the fact you’re even reaching this stage at all is incredibly rare and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

What Causes the Separation Phase?

twin flame separation stage

There might seem like an event or situation triggers it but usually, this is an excuse the runner twin flame will tell you (and themselves). The actual true cause is you’re just not ready for union yet.

Twin flames are mirror souls. You mirror each other, which means when you’re both ready, you push each other towards new heights and closeness. If you meet before you’re ready, you’ll also mirror negative traits. There is no hiding flaws and problems from a mirror soul, which is why the separation phase can be so emotionally charged.

know this phase can be brutally painful (trust me, I know), but it’s actually a good thing. The majority of people won’t meet their twin flame this lifetime, so while it might be physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining – it’s actually a very good sign.

I know that doesn’t help much while you’re actually going through this phase, but trust me. It’s worth it.

TL;DR The separation phase is caused when twin flames meet before they are ready.

Reasons for Twin Flame Separation

twin flame separation

Your Journey to Self-Affection

The path to a sustainable twin flame union is paved with self-appreciation. Insufficient self-love often leads to dependency rather than companionship, revealing insecurities.

It is through profound appreciation for yourself that you can fully invest in the bond with your twin flame.

Healing is a Must

Before twin flames can truly come together, healing must occur. Whether it be from past hurts or current struggles within the relationship, this period apart enables individuals to address and heal their wounds.

Separation affords the time needed to mend emotionally and spiritually, preparing for a more harmonious reunion.

Emotional and Spiritual Maturation

For a twin flame relationship to thrive, emotional and spiritual maturity is non-negotiable. An oversized ego or inability to manage feelings can fracture this unique connection.

Growth in these areas is essential, as twin flames should reflect balance and equality.

Confronting and Evolving Beyond Your Imperfections

Twin flame connections challenge you to evolve beyond your shortcomings. Your mirror soul reflects every facet of your being, compelling you to confront and grow beyond your perceived limitations.

This process demands courage and may be a hurdle too great for some, prompting separation.

Life’s Lessons Await

Certain experiences serve as prerequisites for a twin flame union. The contrasting spectrums of life’s highs and lows contribute vital lessons necessary for the survival of such a profound connection.

Embrace life’s journey and the growth it facilitates, as this is integral to the readiness for a twin flame union.

Synchronized Timing

The sublime moment of twin flame unity occurs when both souls are fully prepared, not before. The dual journey might call for individual growth and experiences prior to merging paths.

Honor your independent journey, and remain patient for the natural unfolding of your united path.

Overcoming External Challenges

Distinct hurdles such as geographical distances or cultural disparities may impose a hiatus in the twin flame journey. Overcoming these external barriers is often part of the process toward union.

Prevail over such challenges to pave the way for the eventual coming together with your twin flame.

Each reason for separation offers a chance for individual advancement, establishing a more ripe foundation for an eventual and more fortified twin flame union.

Who Causes the Separation Phase?

This is an important thing. I really think we need to try and understand. It’s all too common that the twin flame runner gets blamed for just not ‘getting it’. It can seem like they have an easy time, and the chaser is the one dealing with the hardship of it all.

This part of the journey can hurt – and it’s all too easy to project that hurt.

It’s understandable, it happens, but it really won’t do either of you any good. The sooner you can break that habit, the better. Negative baggage like this will only help the separation last longer.

Remember, you and your twin flame are two parts of the same soul. You both cause it.

twin flame separation

What About Twin Flames Separated by Distance?

It’s not at all uncommon for twin flames to be dealing with a difference in physical distance, but twin flames separated or distance may or may not be going through an actual separation phase.

It’s not uncommon that the runner twin flame will give the chaser and themselves an excuse about why they can’t currently be together. Sometimes, a physical barrier makes for an easy scapegoat. I’ve seen it often enough to say it’s fairly common. However, it’s also possible that you genuinely are ready for union, and external circumstances are the only thing holding you apart for now.

It’s impossible for me to say exactly what is happening and have it apply to everyone, but just remember that doubt is common during the earlier

Twin Flame Separation Symptoms

Before I cover any of these, I need you to remember that no two twin flame journies are ever exactly alike. You might see all of these separation symptoms, a combination of some, and it’s entirely possible not to notice any at all. Doubt is a common part of this journey, and the more you take your time to understand it – the more you’ll start to see symptoms and signs guiding you down the right path.

These are some common separation symptoms. Just don’t take them as a hard-set rule.

The Telepathic Connection

This one is probably the most common I see and one of the earliest symptoms during a separation phase. I’ve covered twin flames telepathic conversations in more depth (you should definitely read that if you’re going through this phase), but it will arise in many different forms.

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself having conversations in your head like you were standing right next to them. During emotionally charged times, this will often be reflected by your mirror soul, but if they’re not yet at that stage, it’ll usually result in you popping into their minds without them fully understanding why.

This connection begins long before the two of you even meet in the 2D – let alone go through a separation phase in your journey. The connection is what guides you together against all the odds, but it’ll become more and more noticeable as you continue your own spiritual journey.

Twin Flame Dreams During Separation

I’ve covered twin flame dreams already in-depth, so we’ll not dive too much into this, but it’s very common to communicate with your twin flame in dreams during physical separation. It gives us a chance to communicate freely without the barriers the 2D places on us and is much closer to the subconscious twin flame telepathic link.

If you’re more spiritually advanced or actively practicing the ability to remember your dreams, then you’ll start remembering more and more of your conversations and actions together in dreams. Runner twin flames may or may not remember this as well. There’s also the chance they remember the dream but just assume it was a crazy dream without understanding the real link.

Feeling Your Twin Flames Presence

That feeling of your twin being next to you is a common separation symptom. You might be doing something which reminds you of them in some small way and you’ll be overcome with a feeling of comfort like they were standing next to you taking part.

Feeling your twin flame’s presence can occur even when physical proximity is impossible. This can be a source of solace, reminding you that the separation is only a temporary part of the journey.

Some people have told me they feel an actual physical sensation of their flame holding them or just standing next to them, but usually, it’s a presence and a feeling of safety surrounding you. You just know they’re with you in some form.

Some people report feeling shivers during the twin flame separation stage. It doesn’t seem to be a consistent phenomenon, but it’s frequent enough to be a factor. This is an example of  the kind of experience people go through:

twin flame seperation

Escalation of Conflicts

Arguments between twin flames may intensify, exposing deep-seated fears and emotional obstructions that require resolution.

This increasing conflict often precedes the separation stage, indicating a need for personal growth and healing within the relationship.

Peculiar Coincidences

Even during times of separation, the universe may send signs via synchronicities to reassure you that the journey continues correctly.

You may repeatedly encounter symbols, numbers, or situations that hold unique significance to both you and your twin flame.

Twin Flame Separation Sickness

The term twin, flame separation sickness, describes how one or both twins can feel during this phase. We’ve all gone through a standard ‘2D break-up‘ and the ice cream bed dwelling that can come with that.

A separation phase with your twin flame is similar but dialed right up. You may feel a complete lack of energy, apathy or even physical illness directly after a separation is triggered.

How to Avoid Separation Sickness

The first step to dealing with it is to actually notice. This part can actually be tougher on the twin flame runners because they’re more likely to not understand where this feeling comes from. This flood of negative energy can hit them out of nowhere, and at least you can notice it happening and be able to counteract it.

If you follow any of your own rituals to deal with negative energies, like cleaning your chakras or practicing yoga, this is a good time to make use of them. The best way to deal with the separation sickness is just to work towards the next stage of your journey – which is what we really need to talk about anyway.

Twin Flame Separation and Reconnection

We do need to start by talking about a complete myth. Just because you’ve met your twin flame doesn’t mean you’re destined for union this lifetime. It’s entirely possible for a twin flame relationship to fail.

In fact, it’s incredibly rare even to make it to this stage in your journey.

I don’t say this to bum you out or dissuade you during an already difficult time. I say it because it’s important you do everything you can to bring you and your twin back together again. If you’ve made it this far, we need to press through the pain and reach the next stage. That means not just sitting back and waiting for the universe to deliver or your runner twin to ‘figure it out’.

What to Do When Your Twin Flame Runs

Understand and Accept

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. We need to understand where your twin is coming from. They’re not trying to hurt you or cause you pain. Your twin is your mirror soul, so when they’re not ready for the next stage – neither are you.

You need to honestly try and understand that your twin is struggling with this as much as you are. They might not even be aware of why they’re struggling, which can make it all the worse.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

You’ll hear a lot of stories about twin flame chasers trying to reach out to their twin during this stage. While I do think it’s important you keep the lines of communication open, there is such a thing as too much.

Letting your twin flame know you’re there once in a while is one thing. If they’re open to communication, then that’s a great sign. Constantly phoning them when they’re not ready is only going to drive them further away. You’re going to need to find the final balance.

But here’s the thing.

The real answer to this stage isn’t a trick or set of steps you can follow. If you want to actually get them back and end this separation phase you’re going to need to work on yourself.

twin flames apart

Is it possible for twin flames to forget each other?

Given the depth and longevity of the bond, completely forgetting one another is improbable. Nonetheless, the daily grind and external pressures can cause temporary lapses in this connection.

Remember, twin flame separation is a deeply personal and transformative period. Use this time to focus on personal growth and healing. Patience and self-care will pave the way for better understanding and eventual reunion if it’s destined.

How to Get Your Twin Flame Back

If you were lucky enough to have a period of happiness with your twin before the separation stage (not everyone is), you’ve had a small taste of what it’s like to reach union.

I’m well aware of how tough this can be for both of you (especially if it seems only one of you is dealing with it), but that doesn’t mean we should squander the chance to reach a union with your twin flame.

The path back to each other has no magic words or easy shortcuts. If I could snap my fingers and bring you both back together, then you bet I would, but the real way back to your twin flame begins with working on yourself.

A ‘normal’ 2D relationship can last longer (I’ve seen people married to a false twin flame for 20 years) because it’s easier to hide things from someone who isn’t your mirror soul. There’s no tricking the other part of you, however.

The way to be ready and get your twin flame back lies in being ready with yourself.

  • Work towards your own self-improvement and goals.
  • Work on your own spiritual advancement outside of your twin flame.
  • Focus on yourself.

Being able to do this will trigger your twin flame to do exactly the same thing, but that shouldn’t be what you focus on right now. Twin flame union happens once you’re both ready to accept yourselves so that you can accept each other. That’s the true path to ending the twin flame separation stage. If you’d like some more specific guidance on your journey, take a few moments to get a reading:

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After struggling with my own twin flame journey for many years I became (I'll say it) almost obsessed with the twin flame journey and this path of self-discovery and improvement.

Now after sharing the stories of thousands of people going through their own journey I want to share my own thoughts and the patterns I see on twin flames.

I'm wary of speaking in absolutes on a subject like this. There's too much that any of us will really ever *know* (at least in this lifetime) so my opinions are based on my experience and the experience of those I speak to and who share their stories with me.

There are no two journeys that are ever going to be entirely alike but when you see enough of them, you do see definite patterns emerge.

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  • I feel like I’ve met my twin flame and my spirit guides say I have as well, but I think we’re in the separation stage. I’m in and out with my faith and I’ve known him for three years. But each time he’s single, he tells me he does like me, but that he’s not ready for a relationship. Then a few weeks later, he dates some other girl. He’s currently with someone right now and I’m doing my best to focus on myself and be happy for him, but we’re not talking and he’s definitely the runner flame. I just feel kind of stuck.

    • Sorry you are going through this. I would say you live your life the best you can . Try not to focus too much on him, as hard as it is. If he really is your twin flame you two will be together at some point, hopefully sooner than later . Until then, be happy and live your life . Don’t wait for him to come around. If he is your TF nothing will get in the way . If you never get a chance to be together, than he may not be . There are a ton of YouTube videos on Twinflames to help you during this phase. Take care.

  • I feel it’s best to leave him alone to sort out his own feelings without you being in his life, running after your twin makes them run even harder, and the chaser should try to get out of the head space the mind and feel complete zen just pure love, which is very hard with a connection like this, if you dont it can lead to physical sickness xx

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