12 Signs of Twin Flames Missing Each Other

Twin Flames Missing Each Other

It’s not at all uncommon that twin flames miss each other and see this energy manifest around them. You are connected way beyond the physical, meaning the signs that they miss you are often spiritual. You might be sent signs from the universe, and your twin flame themselves to help you both connect here on the … Read more

Twin Flame Surrender Stage and Symptoms (The NEXT STAGE)

Twin Flame Surrender Stage

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions and mistakes I see is how we look at the twin flame surrender stage. The surrender stage does not mean completely abandoning your twin or giving up on your journey entirely. It’s an essential step to prepare you both for union. How we do this matters though. We can’t attempt to … Read more

Are Twin Flames a Secret? Why Does Nobody Seem to Know?

Are Twin Flames a Secret

A question I hear a lot (and certainly one I’ve asked myself): if twin flames have such a huge impact on your life why does nobody seem to know what they are? We’ve all heard about the idea of soulmates in Hollywood films but the moment I mention the phrase ‘twin flame’ people look at me … Read more

Manifestation for Twin Flames (Powerful Tool)

Manifestation for Twin Flames

I talk a lot about being proactive on the twin flame journey and not just sitting back waiting for the universe to deliver. I’ve covered the idea of twin flame failure before and I think the biggest trap people fall into is doing nothing to actively further their journey. This is where manifestation for twin flames … Read more

Do Twin Flames Fight, Argue or Break Up?

Do Twin Flames Fight, Argue or Break Up

While the internet has given us a great resource to help further our journey, it also creates a lot of room for confusion and false expectations. Social media might warp your idea of twin flame relationships but the truth is… Twin flames do argue, that high energy can make for some explosive fights and they can … Read more

Why Is One Person The Awakened Twin Flame?

Awakened Twin Flame

Why is one person the awakened twin flame? Which twin knows first and why? It can be tough when you’re the awakened twin flame and the other doesn’t seem to have a clue about the journey you’re on. We talk a lot about what you should do at various stages and dive deeper into some … Read more

Does The Twin Flame Chaser Give Up?

Does The Twin Flame Chaser Give Up?

Does the twin flame chaser give up? For that matter, can the twin flame chaser give up? Considering the more spiritually awakened person is the one more likely to be studying the twin flame journey it’s unsurprising that most of the people I talk to are the chaser. But if there’s one question I get from runners … Read more

Twin Flame Healing: REALLY Further Your Journey

twin flame healing

We’ll get into why a little later on but twin flame healing is one of the most important and still least talked about parts of the whole journey. So what is it, why is it so important and how can you begin your twin flame healing process? The entire purpose of a twin flame journey is healing. Both you and your … Read more

Twin Flame Age Difference [Meaning and Advice]

Twin Flame Age Difference

I’ve spoken to literally thousands of people on their twin flame journey and a twin flame age difference is probably more common than you were expecting. I’m genuinely surprised about the questions I get asked about age differences I think it’s time we look at it. Out of every story I’ve seen including ages: Roughly … Read more

The Twin Flame Magnetic Pull

The Twin Flame Magnetic Pull

Let’s break it down. What is the twin flame magnetic pull, what does it feel like, what does it mean and how can it aid us on our journey? The magnetic pull describes the bond between twin flames when they’re split between two bodies. This energy can both attract and repel but always exists as … Read more

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