Are Twin Flames Meant to be Lovers? [The Truth]

So I suppose you could cut this whole page short with the following. Are twin flames meant to be lovers? Yes.

There are a lot of things which can come between two twin flames – the most common being karmic relationships and tough separation phases as one or both twin flames still have work to do on their spiritual path.

But the end result is always that they’re supposed to be lovers.

Now, this is important: Just because it’s supposed to happen doesn’t mean it’s going to. I’ve spoken about twin flame failure before and (in short) it’s possible and absolutely does happen. Sometimes we don’t meet our twin flame in this lifetime. Sometimes you do meet them and, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out.

There are no guarantees in this journey. You have a divine mission to reach union and push each other to improve but that’s less likely to happen if you sit back and wait for the universe to do everything for you.

It might be that you or your twin flame is in a relationship with a false twin flame and all seems lost. These are all common problems and part of the whole journey you’ll face together.

But the TL;DR of this entire answer is undoubtedly yes, twin flames are meant to be lovers. If you’re currently struggling with your journey and looking for a little more guidance than that – get a twin flame reading on your journey.

twin flame lovers

There’s probably no twin flame couple I would call ‘simple’ or ‘easy to understand’ and I’ve spoken to literally thousands of people about their journeys since the start of Twin Flamez.

These journeys can take on many different forms and no two are ever going to look completely alike. I’ve heard people of making attempts to remain just friends with their time flames but I’ve yet to see a case of this actually working.

Some More Common Questions

This isn’t a complete twin flames FAQ but there are some common questions like this I get fairly often so I thought I’d answer them here since they all fall under the same similar umbrella.

Do Twin Flames Marry?

This is another question I get fairly often.

Again, it’s one with a pretty short but probably unsatisfying answer. Yes, some twin flames get married but not all of them do. In the scheme of things, a twin flame journey is bigger than just marriage. It’s entirely possible for a twin flame journey to reach union with or without a marriage license.

Again, there are no guarantees here. Twin flame journeys fail (sadly) and there’s no promise that you will get married to your twin flame in this lifetime.

Can Twin Flames be Together?

Almost always (aside from some lucky few) twin flames will go through some rough patches.

Commonly called the separation phase it’ll never be exactly the same for two different twins but there are periods of hardship. It’s part of the journey and you tend to come together and apart – usually multiple times as you both continue to grow on your spiritual journey before you’re eventually ready to be together.

This is entirely the point of a twin flame journey – to wind up together and continually improve each other.

This one has another unsatisfying answer: yes, but it isn’t guaranteed.

Twin flames can absolutely be together but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It just means you both have the opportunity to make it happen.

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    No two twin flame journeys are ever exactly the same. Sure, we talk about signs and patterns which a lot of us experience but there are always variations.

    The path to your twin flame union is full of pitfalls. False twin flames, doubt and painful separation phases. It can be the hardest thing we'll ever go through - and it's still worth it in the end.

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    I can help pinpoint if you've met your twin flame already, if you're in a relationship with a false twin flame or what you need to do to meet them if you haven't already.

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