Do Twin Flames Fight, Argue or Break Up?

While the internet has given us a great resource to help further our journey, it also creates a lot of room for confusion and false expectations. Social media might warp your idea of twin flame relationships but the truth is…

Twin flames do argue, that high energy can make for some explosive fights and they can even (temporarily) break up (we often call this twin flame separation).

Now don’t get me wrong. This is still a relationship without parallel and you wouldn’t trade it for the world but, depending on the stage of your journey, sometimes that high energy bond between the two of you really doesn’t work in your favor.

Why Do Twin Flames Argue and Fight?

Twin flames can argue for the same reason their first touch tends to stand out. The bond between you goes beyond the physical dimension. Coming into contact with the other half of your soul is not like coming into contact with anyone else. Sparks are going to fly.

But it’s also not like a Hollywood movie and things don’t always go to plan right away.

That intensely powerful connection can sometimes just become too much. The sparks can fly and that can manifest in many different ways. Sometimes it’s intense attraction and other times it can be an argument.

When it’s an intense attraction it’s world-shaking.

When it’s an argument it’s time to hide under a table.

Often, twin flames argue because they don’t know how to handle this level of connection. The twin flame journey is bumpy because we often compare a twin flame relationship with our experience so far. Even with a soul mate, this energy just doesn’t compare.

So when it doesn’t fit into our understanding of the world we react in a way that makes sense to us. This usually means a high-energy argument and sometimes even separation or a break-up.

Can Twin Flames Break Up?

The answer really depends on what you mean by break up.

Twin flames can (and often do) experience physical separation but that bond is never completely gone.

Over half the people I speak to experiencing this spiritual connection go through at least one ‘break up’ or messy separation. It’s painful, it slows down your process toward union but it’s often an important part of the healing process to ready you both for union.

So in the short term, yes you can break up. It’s not going to be an easy experience (for either of you and yes that means the twin flame runner struggles with it too) but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey either.

Sometimes you still have a long road ahead before you’re both ready. Sometimes this is the one last stage before you’re both ready and one of you just needs a little more time to learn life lessons or deal with some core wounds.

Do Twin Flames Have to Break Up?

It’s so common to hear about a breakup or separation phase that sometimes I see people sabotaging their own journey because they think it’s something that needs to happen.

No. They don’t have to break up. It entirely depends on

How to Stop Arguing and Fighting With Your Twin Flame

How to Stop Fighting With Your Twin Flame

Remember that you’re perfect mirrors of each other. Arguing with them is basically arguing with yourself. You each reflect your own insecurities, hurt and fears onto each other and while this can seem complicated the answer is quite simple.

Work on yourself.

To improve yourself improves your connection with your mirror soul.

Don’t make the mistake of just waiting for your twin to fix things themselves or (potentially worse) just spend the time apart missing them. The journey back together is one for the long term. It’s a journey of self-improvement, healing and (this is important) if improving yourself doesn’t fix things it’s likely you’re dealing with a false twin flame.

Going through a breakup with anyone is difficult. When it’s the other part of your soul it can be downright devastating.

I get it. I’ve been there. I speak to a lot of people still going through that.

It’s not an easy process and I’m not trying to devalue the hurt you’re dealing with. Believe me, I probably understand it more than most.

But how you deal with arguing or breaking up with your twin flame is going to dictate how long it goes on.

Do Twin Flames Argue After Union?

Absolutely. You can argue for the same reason as anyone argues.

You’ll still have minor things you might disagree on. Just because they’re the other half of your soul doesn’t mean they won’t do minor things that tick you off.

For example, I love my twin but sometimes she puts empty cartons of milk back in the fridge. Things like this won’t ever put you back into separation but you could still argue.

But it doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as it does in a 3D relationship.

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