Can Twin Flames Fall Out of Love? [Understanding Failure]

Can Twin Flames Fall Out of Love?

It’s not that I’m trying to focus on the negatives and problems of the journey today but I keep getting this can twin flames fall out of love? question so often, I think it’s time we address it. The problem is the question needs quite a bit of unpacking to really understand the meaning. Twin flames are not … Read more

Spot Twin Flames Symptoms Around Each Other

Twin Flames Symptoms Around Each Other

This is one topic I still find fascinating. It doesn’t matter how many stories I hear, I love talking about twin flame symptoms around each other. Those signs tell us you’re in such a powerful connection and that this isn’t just any other relationship. When we recently looked at the intense attraction between twin flames I got several emails because … Read more

Do Twin Flames Think of Each Other All The Time?

Do Twin Flames Think of Each Other All The Time?

The twin flame journey can be overwhelming in many ways, especially during periods of difficult separation. Do twin flames think of each other all the time? Are they thinking of you? What does it mean? It can absolutely feel like you spend too much time thinking about your twin flame. It doesn’t mean there’s a … Read more

Twin Flames Reunion Symptoms and Their Meaning

Twin Flames Reunion Symptoms

Lately, we’ve been talking too much about the struggles of separation during the twin flame journey. I thought we’d change gears and look at some good news and that starts with the twin flames reunion symptoms. The spiritual energy of such a union of souls is largely based on a vibration alignment between the twins. … Read more

Twin Flame Crystals (And How to Use Them)

Twin Flame Crystals

If you’re on a twin flame journey, you know just how difficult some steps along the way are. The spiritual journey towards higher dimensional unconditional love and divine union is very powerful, but the energies that you encounter as part of the relationship can be very challenging and demanding. You’ll meet numerous helpers along your … Read more

Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame? [Important]

Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

This is an important one. A question I think we really should be asking ourselves more and more often as too many people fall into destructive karmic relationships. Does everyone have a twin flame? As with a lot of things in this journey there isn’t always a straightforward answer. If you want a simple yes … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Twin Flame Number Sequences

Twin Flame Number Sequences

I’ve spoken a lot about signs and symbols you can look to for guidance on your journey but twin flame number sequences can provide specific guidance on what you should be doing to further your path towards union. You’ll have to bear with me on this one it’s quite long but twin flame numerology is … Read more

The Ultimate Twin Flame Telepathy Guide

Twin Flame Telepathy

Alright, we really need to tackle this one. You’ll need to bear with me because twin flame telepathy is perhaps one of the most controversial topics. This is saying something considering how controversial parts of the twin flame journey can be. So, I’d like to start out with a couple of important bits which you … Read more

Do Twin Flames Feel the Same About Each Other? [Why and Why Not]

Do Twin Flames Feel the Same About Each Other?

After hearing thousands of twin flame stories one of the more common questions I hear is do twin flames feel the same about each other? But (unhelpfully) the answer to this is both yes and no. As with most things in the twin flame journey, things are rarely that simple or black and white. It’s the … Read more

My Twin Flame Shut Me Out – Help!

My Twin Flame Shut Me Out

I’ve had enough emails now with the subject my twin flame shut me out that we’re going to need to look at it. Why it happens, what it means and what you can do about it. Firstly, I know how painful this can be. When your twin flame shuts you out they’re not doing it … Read more

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