The Twin Flame First Touch: The Real Thing

There are many twin flame signs people talk about but out of the thousands of people I’ve spoken to about their stories the twin flame first touch is one of the most consistent but possibly one of the ones least talked about.

If you’ve experienced an electric touch, unlike nothing you’ve felt before – it may very well be that you’ve had your first physical interaction with your twin flame. It could be anything from your first night together to an innocent brush in passing. If this is your twin flame I guarantee they felt that energy as well.

Of course, it’s likely they’re not fully aware of the feeling and many won’t accept feelings which they can’t fit into their understanding of a traditional 2D relationship.

Now I should start with a disclaimer or two here. It’s entirely possible (and common) for the first touch with a false twin flame to feel electrical. The unsatisfying answer is that it’s practically impossible to know if you’re experiencing the touch of a true twin flame until you’ve first touched your twin flame. However, it’s a strong sign and an important step every twin flame journey will experience.

What Happens When you Touch Your Twin Flame?

I’ve talked about the twin flame intense attraction before so I won’t get too much into the details again but basically – it depends.

Almost universally, when you first touch your twin flame you’re going to experience something. Something out of the ordinary, something which will catch the attention of both of you.

Most of the time that something is going to feel like intense attraction. It’s going to feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before in 2D relationship. Many initially put it down to simple chemistry or physical infatuation but there’s something more going on here.

Sadly that initial touch is seldom going to lead you straight to a union with your twin right away. The intense feelings tend to overcome one (or both) twins and can result in soul shock.

It’s a bit like prodding someone with a spiritual cattle prod when they’re not expecting it. Sometimes it can lead to initial physical attraction but if they’re not ready to deal with the twin flame journey this can commonly start a separation phase between the two of you.

That said not every twin flame meeting starts with immediate love or even romance. It’s entirely possible (though less common) for two flames to meet and the energy to be quite the opposite. That first touch with your twin flame can potentially go in the complete opposite direction and drive the two of you physically apart for a time.

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Is it the Same for All Twin Flames?

I frequently repeat myself by saying no two twin flame journies are ever going to be entirely alike. I hear a lot of stories from our community and I would say this is one of the most common signs however there are no hard set rules with this journey.

It’s entirely possible for two twins to notice nothing at all however if that was the case I’d be looking for other signs for confirmation.

twin flame energy

What Does Twin Flame Energy Feel Like?




The unsatisfying thing about talking about twin flames is it’s incredibly difficult to put into words the difference between real twin flame energy and infatuation with a false twin flame. Part of this is why false twin flames can be so dangerous and delay your journey but it also makes for some incredibly unsatisfying answers.

It’s both comforting, safe and accepting of who you are as well as a driving force to better yourself. It feels like simultaneously being safe inside your comfort zone and being pushed beyond it. Out of every kind of spiritual advancement I’ve ever attempted or experienced, there’s nothing like a connection with your twin flame.

The truth is twin flame energy feels like… twin flame energy. See what I mean about unsatisfying? There’s nothing else I can compare it to. You’ll just know it when you know it.

What Happens When Twin Flames Meet for the First Time?

You may or may not experience your twin flame first touch during your first meeting. As with many things on this journey, there are no hard-set rules here and it entirely depends.

I’ve heard of stories where twins felt like close friends for over a year before one innocent brushing of hands hit them both like a train and sent them on a journey. Other times it can hit you when you first set eyes on each other.

Almost universally you’ll feel something when you first meet your twin flame. You might not know exactly what that feeling is, it might not always lead to initial romance but one of the common signs is you’re going to feel some kind of pull toward each other. It might be you connect as close friends or work colleagues, the lucky ones might skip this stage and start a romantic relationship early on in the journey.

There are some universal signs and guidance you can use for your journey but there is no set roadmap here. The unsatisfying answer always boils down to it depends.

The important thing to remember is not to judge your journey solely on the initial touch or first meeting. And never ever judge your journey based on someone else’s relationship with a twin flame or otherwise. This path is always going to be entirely unique to you and your twin.

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  • I've worked with hundreds of clients from around the world and there's one thing I see constantly

    No two twin flame journeys are ever exactly the same. Sure, we talk about signs and patterns which a lot of us experience but there are always variations.

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  1. I mate I guy name Wilson, our relationship has been on and off, both then something happened one day he hugged me and then I felt an electric shock, I don’t know why that happened, and I had a dream where he hugged me and I felt the same electric shock, I was told that we are spiritually connected, the relationship isn’t serious because I don’t trust him because he is a Casanova


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