Twin Flame Healing: REALLY Further Your Journey

We’ll get into why a little later on but twin flame healing is one of the most important and still least talked about parts of the whole journey. So what is it, why is it so important and how can you begin your twin flame healing process?

The entire purpose of a twin flame journey is healing. Both you and your twin have to heal past and inner pain before you’ll be able to reach union.

Truly understanding the twin flame healing process is the difference between endlessly hanging around waiting for them to just get it and actually taking action to do what you need to do to take that next step together.

If you don’t listen to anything else I say then please remember this. The twin flame relationship is not your average 3D relationship and we can’t treat it the same way. To reach union in this lifetime we need to actively work towards our healing.

The Warning: Your Journey is Stuck Without Healing

If you’ve spent any time looking into the twin flame journey you can’t have missed the pattern of becoming stuck in your journey.

  • Constantly questioning why your twin flame doesn’t get it. Why they’re still in a karmic relationship with someone else.
  • Constantly dealing with the physical and emotional pain of being apart.
  • Constantly looking for readings or external guidance (yes, even ones from me) without ever actually doing anything to take steps in the right direction.
  • Constantly looking for a third-party twin flame healer to do the work for you.

know how painful separation phases can be. I know from first-hand experience and the literal thousands of people I’ve heard from on different stages of this journey.

But you won’t escape this pattern of just waiting if you don’t take accountability for your own healing.

And this pattern of becoming stuck and falling into the routine of just waiting and doing nothing drives me mad. I can completely sympathize with the pain you’re dealing with but that doesn’t let you off the hook.

Do you really want to reach union with your twin? Then hear me out.

If you feel like you need some guidance on where to focus on your journey, get a twin flame reading here.

Why This Isn’t Talked About

I’m obviously not the only person talking about the twin flame healing process but I do spend a lot of time talking to people about twin flames and I see the same patterns over and over again.

There’s a huge trend to do one of two things.

  • Only focus on the positive benefits of a twin flame connection.
  • Only talk about the struggle ad heartache of a twin flame journey.

Sure, this kind of unconditional love is absolutely worth talking about but we can’t just gloss over the difficult parts along the way. And that’s exactly why this part of the twin flame process is so commonly ignored. Because it’s difficult.

I’ve brought up twin flame healing in the past and I know for a fact that most people don’t want to hear it. Nobody likes being told there’s hard work to be done.

Being in that position sucks. The only way I can truly help is to get you to understand how important this healing is to your twin flame journey and get you to take it seriously. When people immediately switch off (and I can see from the stats on this page some only do skim this far and go looking for an easy answer) you’re going to remain stuck in this endless loop.

There’s no moving on to the twin flame union unless you understand this simple idea. If you’re in separation, you’ve healing to do.

If you’re still with me, I’m glad. The advice I give you is going to be hard, damn work but we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

healing a twin flame connection

The How: Healing a Twin Flame Connection

If you’ve skipped this far down please make sure you’ve read the section above. It’s important for both you and your twin’s sake.

Looking to the Long Term

twin flame separation does not have a set time limit. Some journeys may only experience it once while, for others, it might happen multiple times. It might last days or decades.

While it can be painful the simple truth is it will continue to happen until you’re both ready.

And we have to look at the long term. Every time we take a step back and fall into old patterns we’re delaying the journey even more. Doubt is a common part of the path you’re on but you need to trust the process and continue your focus long-term if you ever hope to make it through.

Here’s the thing nobody says often enough. The twin flame journey isn’t easy.

Well, that’s partly a lie. In some ways, it’ll be the easiest thing you’ve ever done and looking back at all the doubts and struggles I went through in the earlier stages there’s no question in my mind I made the right choices.

But nobody can do the twin flame process for you. Your twin (at least their higher self) can certainly help but considering they’re just the other half of your soul I stand by that statement – nobody else can do it for you.

This kind of connection and unconditional love is worth the work – but we have to look at the entire process and not just the short-term pain of separation. I know how much it can suck, but the sooner we’re able to focus on ourselves and not the runner the sooner you’re able to enter the surrender stage.

The sooner you’re ready to reach union.

Part of this healing is about looking beyond the current pain and hurt. We need to let go and surrender ourselves. Get rid of the doubt that often plagues us and find this deep level of healing within.

Finding Unconditional Love – Within

twin flame healing meditation
Sure, there is nothing quite like twin flame love. Nobody in this world feels the same way about me as my twin does and, on some level, the same is true for you and your twin flame no matter what stage you’re on.

But she is the other half of my soul. I can’t expect her to love me if I don’t love myself. In order to fully heal my past hurts, I need to first accept that they exist and this is easier said than done.

As humans, no matter how honest we are, we lie to ourselves. We’re taught as children that lying is bad but our brain is hardwired to avoid some unpleasant truths. We tell ourselves lies constantly and the first real step in accepting love and healing with others is to be honest with ourselves.

This takes real time and effort.

There is no single way to do this. Twin flames healing has no simple A to Z roadmap to follow. Personally, I always advise meditation and astral projection while others prefer to use specific tools like focusing on a kundalini awakening, using crystals for twin flames or the twin flame mirror exercise.

Update: I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of using manifestation techniques for twin flames. You can work with manifestation in any area of your life but it might give one of the clearest roadmaps for twin flame healing. Especially if spiritual work is perhaps newer for you.

This part of the journey, like most of it, is entirely unique to you and your twin so don’t pigeonhole yourself based on what anyone says and that includes me.

If you find something which works well for you and is helping you continue your journey then keep doing it. Self-love isn’t easy, embracing your inner child is harder still. Working through past life hurt and accepting yourself truly is not something that is going to happen overnight.

But here’s the good news. As you focus on yourself and your own healing – you’re going to see your twin doing the same thing.

Let Me Help

If you want some further guidance on your journey, take a moment to share the details of your path.

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  • I've worked with hundreds of clients from around the world and there's one thing I see constantly

    No two twin flame journeys are ever exactly the same. Sure, we talk about signs and patterns which a lot of us experience but there are always variations.

    The path to your twin flame union is full of pitfalls. False twin flames, doubt and painful separation phases. It can be the hardest thing we'll ever go through - and it's still worth it in the end.

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    I can help pinpoint if you've met your twin flame already, if you're in a relationship with a false twin flame or what you need to do to meet them if you haven't already.

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Twin Flame Healing Affirmations

There are many different ways to use affirmations. You might simply take a few seconds in the morning to speak to yourself in the mirror while you’re brushing your teeth or they could be part of an active manifestation practice.

In either case, affirmations can be incredibly powerful in any part of your life and they can be a great tool for twin flame healing.

You can follow your own intuition and write your own affirmations specific to your journey or use some of my examples below.

  • I am attracting my twin flame at every moment.
  • I feel the connection to my mirror soul.
  • I am going to reach union in this lifetime.
  • I am abundant with energy.
  • I am following my twin flame path.
  • I feel the divine energy.
  • I am progressing through the twin flame stages.
  • My heart chakra is open to the universe.
  • My heart is open to my twin.
  • I am open to the twin flame journey.
  • I am open.
  • I am loved.
  • My twin flame is moving towards me.
  • I am full of bright energy pushing me forward.
  • My journey goes beyond physical reality.
  • I feel the spiritual connection with my twin flame.
  • I am headed for a loving relationship.
  • We will spend our entire life together.
  • I feel our connection on a deeper level.
  • I honor myself.
  • I honor my twin.
  • I honor this journey we share.
  • I feel our love on an energetic level.
  • I am letting go of my ego and past hurt.
  • I am releasing the past.
  • My deepest wounds are shrinking with the light of my twin flame journey.
  • I believe in me.
  • I am loved.
  • I love.
  • I am a twin flame.

Twin Flame Healing Meditation

I wanted to touch on this subject… briefly.

You can find plenty of meditations out there catered towards helping the twin flame journey and (if that helps you) then by all means go for it. I’ve taken part in a couple of guided ones that I’ve really enjoyed.

In my experience, however, I don’t think you need anything that specific for the twin flame journey. I think meditation is perhaps one of the strongest tools we have for self-examination and improvement whether we have a twin flame or not.

Anytime I say this, I tend to get the same response:

I don’t know how to meditate! I don’t have the time! I can’t clear my mind!

It’s really not as hard as you’re probably imagining.

There are a ton of sources to learn meditation. Personally, I love apps like Headspace which are free to use and while there’s nothing specific to twin flame love or union there, it gives you everything you need.

Meditation has been life-changing for me and many, many others. That in itself might be the only tool you find you need for twin flame healing and complete spiritual awakening. It also really helps during difficult periods of separation by creating a barrier between what happens in your life and the emotional responses you have to it.

In short: the painful parts of the journey won’t upset you as much (if at all).

That means you don’t get distracted and focus too much on them which means you’re reaching union even faster.

It’s a win-win.

What Are the Signs of Healing With Twin Flames?

It won’t happen immediately but if you’re able to focus on the long-term process and truly focus on your own healing you’re going to see this trigger an effect on your twin flame. You’ll start to see signs of healing with your twin flame.

Don’t try to force these signs, again this is a long term journey but as you do see them, you’ll know your healing has been working and you’ll be moving closer to union.

  1. Your doubts and fears of the journey will slowly start to fade.
  2. You’ll stop obsessing about your twin or focusing on the external.
  3. The healing process will become more natural and easy.
  4. (Finally) the barriers between you and your twin will fall away.

Remember, twin flames are two parts of the same soul. It’s impossible for one to heal and not the other. It won’t always happen at exactly the same time but you’re focusing on the long term here. As hard as that might be, when you’re truly focused on your own journey you’ll start to see the signs of your twin flame also healing and preparing for twin flame union.

Whether they’re even consciously aware of it or not.

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